The Show

On the 8th of December 2008 a webseries premiered its first episode. Its premise was to introduce ‘a new generation – gay, straight, and ethnically diverse – struggling with identity and modern relationships’. Anyone But Me has done just that. Initially the story centred on Vivian McMillan having to deal with being sixteen and gay – and everything that comes with that, now it has evolved to encompass the lives of all its characters. Adults and teenagers alike, we are reminded of how we all struggle to find out who we are as individuals and the place we take in the lives of those around us.

ABM has become a worldwide phenomenon. With already over four million views from around the world after the first two seasons it can only get better for ABM. With four Streamy nominations and a win for Best Actress in a Drama for Rachael Hip-Flores, Webby Honorees for Drama and Writing, four Indie Soap Awards, and an AfterEllen’s Visibility Award as Best Lesbian/Bi Webseries, amongst ABM’s growing number of awards it seems that others are starting to realise what we, the fans, already knew. ABM does not know how to be anything but brilliant.