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Big Bad Wolves Beware!

By Gemma Jacob

The Team VivSter/Team Sophian debate left the ABM fans standing clearly on opposing sides at the end of S2. With the battle lines drawn and my feet firmly planted on the Team VivSter side of the fence many have taken the opportunity to use it to push my buttons. Choosing to do an interview with Jessy Hodges, the actor playing the person responsible for a million screams heard around the world, including my own, I found myself having to make a promise that I would behave.

As mysterious as her character is, we don’t know much about Jessy Hodges either. She isn’t much for Twitter and most of the interviews carried out regarding the show have been carried out with Rachael Hip-Flores or Nicole Pacent. Her performance as Vivian’s Westchester neighbour, Sophie, has not however gone unnoticed and she earned herself a nomination in the Breakthrough Performance category of the Indie Soap Awards. Her plotlines on ABM have also certainly got the fans talking. Despite not knowing much about Sophie or Jessy, they have each garnered their own following. From the outset we have all been eager to find out more about Sophie, and in turn the person behind her.

So I decided to sit down and try to figure out what it is exactly that has people cheering for Team Sophie and hopefully allow the fans to get to know the person behind her a little better. Jessy very graciously allowed me to ask her a few questions, despite being aware of my fervent anti-Sophian stance. I am not one to hide my feelings or my opinions. I am a strong advocate of the idea that people should say what they feel. This battle has a way of bringing out the “fanatical” part of my fandom. I was good though…mostly.

I found it difficult not to warm to Jessy Hodges. She is all at once funny and smart and even across a computer screen I can see how her mere presence would make people happy she was there. I am not just saying that because she has nunchuck skills either and could most likely kick my ass. No, having talked with Jessy Hodges, I can see why even if I might not be Sophie’s biggest fan, I am certainly becoming one of Jessy’s.

ABMFans: So I’m pretty much Team Aster, I can kind of see Team Vivian’s viewpoint, and I can see why people are Team Sophie.

Jessy: Haha go on…

ABMFans: However, I am completely Team VivSter and COMPLETELY anti-Team Sophian. Now, as a fan – not as the person who plays Sophie, which team are you on?

Jessy: Ooo, that’s tough.

ABMFans: Rach is on Team Sophie if it helps. Well she would be if I’d let her choose that.

Jessy: Ha YES!!! Muhahaaha. I guess, as a fan, I like everyone else am on Team Vivian 100%.

ABMFans: Not everyone.

Jessy: Meaning I want Vivian to do what’s best for Vivian.

ABMFans: Team Aster’s winning in the Forum last time I checked.

Jessy: Ha, really?! Okay, let me restate.

ABMFans: I think it’s more a Nicole thing than an Aster thing.

Jessy: Well that makes sense – she’s quite the lady. BUT I am on Team Vivian so I want Vivian to do what’s best for her and I think that might mean playing for Team Sophian for a bit before returning to Team Vivster – ya know what I mean?

ABMFans: Hmm, I know what you mean but I don’t agree with it.

Jessy: Haha I know you don’t!

ABMFans: I promised myself no Team Sophie beating, so I’ll behave lol.

Jessy: Hey you are entitled to your own opinion!

ABMFans: Yeah it would just be nice if Tina and Susan agreed with me but you know, it’s good storytelling or something.

Jessy: Yeah, I also really think it’s true to the teenage experience. ‘Exploration’ if you will…

ABMFans: You’re right, damn it.

Jessy: Gemma! I’m sorry!

ABMFans: It’s not your fault, you didn’t write it – I’ll get them eventually, and well, Rachael/Vivian is adorable so…it’s understandable.

Jessy: She is, it’s true.

ABMFans: Have you been recognised in the street yet as Sophie? No one’s yelled, “Home wrecker! Leave Vivian and Aster alone!” at you yet?

Jessy: Haha no! And I’m glad! I have been recognized just a couple times, and one of our ABM fans came to see me in the play that I was just in which was awesome.

ABMFans: I know the fan, Trish. She helps me run the forum.

Jessy: Yes, Trish – it was really cool to meet her. Tell her I say hi!

ABMFans: I will. So, The Metal Children, I love the movie Big Fish and I’m a big comic geek so The Watchmen was a big movie for me…

Jessy: So Billy Crudup.

ABMFans: Yes!

Jessy: He’s so awesome!

ABMFans: I’ve heard something about you beating him up and a pig mask?

Jessy: All true.

ABMFans: He looks like he’d be awesome. Why would you do that to him???

Jessy: Well Gemma, there’s a very angry side of me that you don’t always get to see on ABM….I played this masked kid in the play (I actually played 3 roles and this was one of them) who was doing all this violent stuff around town, including but not limited to beating Billy with nunchucks and later stabbing him with a hunting knife…!

ABMFans: Whoa, um Aster better look out then. So you had the mask on?

Jessy: Yeah, you hear that Pacent?! I got nunchuck skills!!! Yes, with the mask on.

ABMFans: Ahh okay because I was trying to figure out why Billy Crudup would have a pig mask on. That somehow makes more sense. For some reason I think Nicole would be able to fight, don’t ask me why.

Jessy: Hahahaa, yeah no, I was wearing the mask. Oh god, you’re right, but she doesn’t have the knife and nunchuck training I have – just brute strength.

ABMFans: Nicole Pacent – brute strength, not normally two things I would put together. But really, she looks like she could hurt someone. That’d be an interesting ABM scene, although I imagine Vivian would somehow end up getting hurt. If only because you know, Rach is clumsy.

Jessy: You’re right, and that would not be good. Nicole is training for this movie now so she’s in INCREDIBLE shape.

ABMFans: Yeah maybe you shouldn’t mess with her just yet. Or use Rach as a shield, that’d work.

Jessy: Yeah, we may have to sacrifice Rachael in all of this. I sent you my pig mask picture!

ABMFans: OMG that’s awesome! I was imagining a kind of ‘Lord of the Flies’ type thing but that is immensely better.

Jessy: See the nunchucks around my neck?

ABMFans: Indeed, and the knife. Wouldn’t want to cross you on a bad day.

Jessy: That’s right!!

ABMFans: I’m still not Team Sophie though.

Jessy: All right, I just can’t win you, I’m resigned to that.

ABMFans: Good, just so we’re clear. The fans are all pretty vocal, what reaction have you seen following the whole S2 finale everyone kissing inappropriate people thing?

Jessy: Well, I think there was mostly rage… i.e. how could Aster do this! How could Viv do this! What is this world coming to!

ABMFans: No rage directed at you? Apart from mine?

Jessy: With a little bit of cathartic ‘Thank God Viv and Sophie finally kissed we’ve been waiting for this forrreeevvverrrr.’ I guess rage at Sophie too. Yeah, rage at Sophie too.

ABMFans: A lot of it’s on Twitter, but you’re not a big Tweeter. Is it just not for you?

Jessy: Yeah I guess I just never really got into it! Maybe I don’t know how it works? I don’t know, you’re right though, I’m a bad tweeter. So everyone hates me on Twitter is that what I’m gathering?

ABMFans: To be honest, as much as I hate to admit it, people like Sophie.

Jessy: YES!

ABMFans: I like Sophie; I just don’t like her with Vivian.

Jessy: Well I appreciate that.

ABMFans: At the end of S2 I was more ready to hit Vivian and Aster across the head for being stupid rather than Sophie.

Jessy: Right, see that was sort of the energy I was getting…Sophie was more a side player in the whole thing.

ABMFans: Arghhh this is hard to say because I am Team VivSter, but in the whole thing I think Sophie was the least wrong in that whole situation. Not that she wasn’t wrong, she was, just the least wrong.

Jessy: Yeah I agree, because she wasn’t in a relationship, basically, and has no real connection with Aster besides meeting her through Viv. And Aster egged her on!!!

ABMFans: She did. Maybe she does need her ass kicking a bit.

Jessy: Yeah, she’s a bully!

ABMFans: She has “big emotions”.

Jessy: Haha that’s a good way of putting it!

ABMFans: Have you seen Jonathan’s love letter to Sophie? Would you take him back?

Jessy: Oh my god!

ABMFans: He sings to her!

Jessy: It was so crazy watching it because I felt really embarrassed – as though I WAS Sophie and this was really a personal love letter that was being broadcast over the internet!

ABMFans: Awww.

Jessy: But it was so great – he has a nice voice doesn’t he?

ABMFans: He does. You’re a multi-talented bunch.

Jessy: You bet. That being said…I don’t know if Sophie and Jonathan are meant to be together right now. It just doesn’t feel right.

ABMFans: Yeah they’ve got issues.

Jessy: Major issues.

ABMFans: Sophie’s being very secretive still. I think the Twitter gossip is that we think Vivian’s not the first girl she’s kissed.

Jessy: Ooooo that’s juicy.

ABMFans: Could be, you never know…

Jessy: Yeah you’re right…I know my secret Sophie story… but maybe Tina and Susan have another back-story…? We’ll see!

ABMFans: Hopefully. We still need to see how Jonathan reacted to the whole Vivian-Sophie kiss because he was there too.

Jessy: It’s true…! I wonder. I think Sophie would say, ‘It all happened so fast!’

ABMFans: I can see her saying that. I don’t think he’ll take it well.

Jessy: Yeah probably not.

ABMFans: What would you like to see happen on the show, not just in terms of Sophie’s story arc, but the other characters too?

Jessy: I’d like to see some more drama between Arch and Elisabeth! I’d like to see where Aunt Jodie and Gabe’s relationship goes….I’d like to seem some Team Sophian action! (Sorry). And come to think of it, maybe a Sophie/Aster fight would be pretty good too. Though, ABM is a classy show – we don’t need any bullshit stereotypical girl fights.

ABMFans: We could have another dream sequence. I think there’s a lot of anger there that needs to be worked out.

Jessy: Oooo good idea.

ABMFans: Even Arch and Elisabeth, they need to do something. They’re so good together but things keep getting in the way.

Jessy: Yeah they do! Something is coming with them, I don’t know what, but there’s a lot of pent up something!

ABMFans: Definitely something. I want to see Vivian’s mum.

Jessy: Me too. That would be really good, I also want to see Dr Glass’ baby!

ABMFans: Yes! Vivian having to deal with a kid, that would be awesome. I think I read on Twitter that they’re hoping to have Sarah Paulson on the show; you never know she could be a parent, or an older sibling of some kind. Or Dr Glass’ wife!

Jessy: That’s what I was going to say – Dr Glass’ wife would be awesome! Or how about Sophie’s mom?! We could maybe kinda…look alike..?

ABMFans: I’ve seen her sporting curls before. It could happen. You’re neighbours with Viv after all. Ooooh there’s a triangle – Aunt Jodie, Gabe, and Sophie’s mum!

Jessy: Exactly!

ABMFans: I think it should happen.

Jessy: Definitely.

ABMFans: You’re a NYer now, and everyone who’s a NYer can’t say enough about how wonderful their city is, and it’s a big part of what makes ABM I think, what’s your favourite thing about NY?

Jessy: My favourite thing about NYC is that whenever I have time to kill, I can just walk – and there’s always a million things to see, people to watch, places to browse through. It’s a very inspiring city in that way – you can never be bored, there’s always something to look at! And for a very curious person like myself, that is a source of immense satisfaction for me!

ABMFans: Yup, that’s NY.

Jessy: Right? I get lost for hours, I’ll tell my boyfriend that I’m ‘getting on the train now’ and 3 hours later he’s like ‘where are you???’

ABMFans: I have lost many an afternoon just walking around or getting lost in stores and museums or just people watching. You have excellent people watching there.

Jessy: Hah yeah, glad you agree!


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