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We could all use a little therapy…

By Gemma Jacob

I think a large part of ABM’s success is the way it has garnered such a varied and loyal fan base. They have shown their love through FanArt and FanVids on YouTube, Facebook pages dedicated to their favourite characters and cast members, and thousands and thousands of Tweets. Most notably they are currently showing how much they love the show by donating whatever it is they can to ensure that there is a third season of the show we simply cannot live without.

The cast and creators behind ABM are incredibly grateful for everything the fans have, and continue, to do. We all read the interviews with the different team members of ABM and with each interview they demonstrate exactly why we love the show so much. However we thought we’d take the opportunity, since this is an ABM Fans site after all, to turn the spotlight in the other direction and talk to the fans of the show. Ask any ABM fan what they want and the answer is universal, “I want my ABM!”

Laura, 24, is from Italy and although she hasn’t travelled to the USA yet it is one of her dreams, and of course the trip would include a stop in NYC. She is currently studying for a Media degree in university and so would also like to visit the West Coast, in particular Warner Bros. Studios. A fan of spring weather and Grey’s Anatomy, Laura is an active Tweeter and is also the person behind the Dr Glass Facebook page. She very kindly agreed to be the first subject of our Fan Focus. From the start I could sense the enthusiasm and love she has for the show and having talked to her she is a definite SuperFan.

Laura: Is it even possible to not love and appreciate ABM? I mean, you must be a fool if you don’t. It’s such a well done series…and I am a Media student so.. I love these things. I’m addicted to TV series, I can’t live without them. And moreover one of the biggest dreams is to create my own series.

ABMFans: Good dream.

Laura: Kinda huge dream, but never say never after all.

ABMFans: Absolutely. So how did you discover ABM?

Laura: Through a YouTube video, probably a promo. Truth is…I kinda feel I’ve known ABM since forever! Then I watched the pilot and…Boom! Love at first sight. I looked for more info about the show and “met” Tina and Susan on FB. They were so good and nice to me since the very first moment.

ABMFans: Was this during season 1 or 2?

Laura: Season 1. I’ve been there since the beginning.

ABMFans: Do you think the way that Tina and Susan and the other ABMers, like Rachael, interact with people on Twitter and FB is important to the success of the show?

Laura: Absolutely! Nowadays more than ever! People use the internet and social networks to interact with even famous people…And I feel that they are disappointed when they don’t get any feedback from them…So using those social networks is definitely a great way to create success for any show. It’s great to see people happy because they got a Tweet or a message from someone famous…It’s like they had a dream come true! It’s a really little thing to do for someone famous but in that way, they make someone’s day. An ordinary someone who feels special for a moment :).

ABMFans: I know exactly how you feel, I was so happy when Rachael accepted my friend request on FB and I still get that was when other famous people I follow on Twitter reply to me.

Laura: Exactly! I’m glad we all share this feeling.

ABMFans: Are there any other shows that you love as much as ABM?

Laura: Talking about web series, I’d say Out with Dad. It’s a really great show; moreover I’m getting to know the “dad”, Will, and he’s amazing! Such a great guy. Then…I must confess it. I’m a huge lover of Dawson’s Creek (probably there’s a little Dawson Leery in me). I love Gilmore Girls, Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy and a few others.

ABMFans: I’m a big Grey’s fan too.

Laura: Shonda Rhimes is a really amazing writer.

ABMFans: She is.

Laura: I’ve a thing for writers.

ABMFans: They’re the heart of any show.

Laura: Absolutely!

ABMFans: Gilmore Girls, so you were a Liza Weil fan before she was on ABM?

Laura: I wouldn’t say a fan, but I’ve loved and hated her character, Paris. She did a really great job with Paris.

ABMFans: I still need to watch it.

Laura: You haven’t?!?!

ABMFans: It never took off here, I’m not even sure when it was shown.

Laura: Oh you must see Gilmore Girls. I guess the last season was aired a couple of years ago here…I’d lend you my DVDs if only we lived closer.

ABMFans: These oceans are a bit inconvenient.

Laura: Yep, that’s why I’m still waiting for someone to invent teleportation. Who cares about going to Mars?!? I want to visit Earth first! E.T. can wait.

ABMFans: Dr Glass has only been around for one season, why did you choose to make a FB page for her over any of the other characters?

Laura: I’ve loved Dr Glass since the first time she appeared on the show. I kinda had a feeling she was going to be important somehow, I loved the way she related to Aster and then, when she told Viv and Aster about the baby and her wife, well, in that moment she became my hero! The kind of therapist everyone would love to have I guess.

ABMFans: How important do you think it is for there to be a person like Dr Glass on the show, in terms of having an adult figure, particularly for Aster?

Laura: I think it is really important. Nowadays we see a lots of teen drama in which teens behave like adults and adults like teens…It seems like there isn’t an adult figure able to say what’s right and what’s wrong and I don’t think it is really good. Young people need someone to look up to. Dr Glass can be that figure. She’s that figure for Aster, but I think she can be that for a lot of ABM fans.

ABMFans: So you’d like to see more of Dr Glass on the show?

Laura: Absolutely.

ABMFans: Which other characters do you think could do with a bit of Dr Glass style therapy?

Laura: What about Sophie?! She would be perfect for Dr Glass.

ABMFans: Yeah, that girl needs some therapy.

Laura: I know you’re a secret lover of Sophie.

ABMFans: Oh yeah, she’s my favourite.

Laura: I think quite a bunch of young ABM fans can relate to Sophie. Let me quote Britney Spears (!!), “She’s not a girl, not yet a woman.” She’s in that phase in which she can’t understand who she is anymore, she’s confused and keeps spending her time questioning herself. So I think quite a bunch of young fans can understand that feeling, above all if they are developing feelings for someone who happens to be a girl…Just like them. So they are no longer child and not an adult yet. They seem to do not know almost anything about themselves anymore. That’s because it takes time…Longest journey ever, probably.

ABMFans: Is that why you think it’s important to have a show like ABM?

Laura: Yep, even for that. I think it’s important to show people it’s “normal” to question themselves and there’s nothing wrong if you find yourself in love with someone of your same sex. But it is even very important to show everyday life of gay relationship. Usually the media shows gay relationship in such tragic or bad ways, so unreal. The relationship of Viv and Aster is great because it is like any love story.

ABMFans: That certainly is one of the things that ABM does well, their relationship is as “normal” as any teenage relationship could be. There is definitely a distinct lack of positive gay relationships in the media.

Laura: Yeah.

ABMFans: Do you think it’s only possible to depict such a relationship on the internet currently or is it simply because mainstream TV just hasn’t tried? I mean with Grey’s you have Callie and Arizona, but they’re the minority, and even Grey’s didn’t handle the relationship with Callie and Erica Hahn very well.

Laura: Unfortunately I’m not sure mainstream TV is ready for that. It seems like people can accept gay only if they play the same old role of a fashion frustrated guy, like in Will & Grace (which was fun but…not every gay person is like that; thanks God!) I like Arizona but seriously, Erica was a great character!

ABMFans: It is difficult to find a positive, non-stereotyped gay character on a show, although I think Grey’s is trying, and Glee of course.

Laura: I haven’t had a chance to see Glee yet; but yeah, Grey’s is definitely trying to do that…And I’m glad! I’m a bit disappointed because it seems like it is possible to do that only on US shows. But don’t let me start about the situation in Italy.

ABMFans: You haven’t seen Glee?!?!

Laura: I know! Everyone reacts in that way! Dr Tom, the one from Being Erica, would be a perfect friend and colleague for Dr Glass.

ABMFans: I’ll have to take your word for it, I don’t know that show either.

Laura: Believe me, Dr Tom is another great therapist lol. With a bit of powers as well.

ABMFans: After West Wing and Six Feet Under finished I kind of gave up on mainstream TV.

Laura: I haven’t seen those shows either! I’d need 36 hours per day only to see every show I’m interested in.

ABMFans: I suppose that’s one good thing about ABM being so short, you can watch a season in a couple hours!

Laura: Definitely. Which is SO good.

ABMFans: It’s been a while since the S2 finale, how are you feeling about it now?

Laura: I feel like…I WANT SEASON 3! I know you’re gonna hate me, but … I’m so proud of Sophie! I really can’t wait to know what’s gonna happen now.

ABMFans: I hate to ask, whose team are you on?

Laura: Apart from Dr Glass Team, I like Viv, but I’m really curious about Sophie. She’s the most interesting character to me. Like there’s so much to discover about her! So I guess you can say I’m Team Sophie in the end? Don’t hate me.

ABMFans: Maybe.

Laura: Oh wait, I’d be even Team Archie. Maybe this makes things better!

ABMFans: I love Archibald.

Laura: Me too! He’s the friend I wish I had in high school.

ABMFans: On the subject of friends, do you think ABM and the way it’s so inclusive of social networking has helped you form friendships with people you might never have “met” otherwise?

Laura: Yeah, I think so. It’s great to meet people from all over the world who share your same love for a show. It seems like the world is not that huge. So I think it’s great people created the forum and even the ABM fans site is great. Moreover it’s great to see so many people working and creating photo and videos just to show their love for a show.

ABMFans: It is awesome the way the fans have shown their love.

Laura: Yeah, some stuff is so good. The other day I saw a photo about Rachael in the Lord of the Rings. It was so well done! Great idea.

ABMFans: Yeah I saw that too, and she’s such a LOTR geek I’m sure she loved it

Laura: Who wouldn’t?!

ABMFans: True. What’s your favourite thing about ABM?

Laura: I think it is the way the story is built and developed. They never decline into banal or vulgar stuff, which is not that obvious nowadays. I think it is that kind of show that could be watched by both children and parents.

ABMFans: If you could say one thing to anyone thinking about watching ABM what would you say to convince them to do it?

Laura: It depends. I think I’ve said three different things to three different friends so far…Do I have to pick just one for you?

ABMFans: What would you say to someone new? Also, well done on getting your friends to watch the show.

Laura: I’d say, if you want to get the chance to see something good and original but still real and heart-warming, then ABM is the show for you.

ABMFans: Anything else you’d like to say?

Laura: Bring back Dr Glass (or give me her number!) She’s a cool character, she definitely needs more space.

ABMFans: Absolutely.

Laura: So Liza Weil…Think about it!

ABMFans: I’m sure Susan and Tina will pass on the message.

Laura: And Tina and Susan are great, literally.

ABMFans: They are, even if they insist on torturing us Team VivSter supporters.

Laura: Sophie is gonna rock your world, girl! I trust that girl!

ABMFans: No! No! No! No! No!

Laura: Oh c’mon!!

ABMFans: NO!!!

Laura: I guess we could go on all night long talking about this, huh?! ahah

ABMFans: Probably

Laura: What about … Sophie and Aster?! Viv needs some happy moments too…

ABMFans: Yes Viv needs to be happy.

Laura: Definitely.

ABMFans: We can at least agree on that.

Laura: And on Archibald!

ABMFans: Yes!

Laura: So probably we can still be friends after all!

ABMFans: As long as you keep the Team Sophie talk to a minimum.

Laura: Maybe we should go to Dr Glass for some therapy…Just to solve our “big” problems.

ABMFans: I’d be more than willing to sit down with Dr Glass.

Laura: Me too! Me too…But I guess it’s quite obvious, isn’t it?

ABMFans: Maybe just a little.

Laura: That’s Susan and Tina’s fault. Because of them if I am addicted to Dr Glass therapy now.

ABMFans: I find Susan and Tina at fault for most things!

Laura: Especially the Season 2 finale…

ABMFans: Oh they’re definitely to blame for that one.

Laura: Yeah, they left all of us speechless. But some even proud…Okay, keep the Sophie talk to a minimum…

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  2. Cristiane Motta says:

    I loved this interview with Laura, congratulations girls!

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    I really enjoyed myself!!
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    hi gem, i’ve read all of ur interviews here in ur site..and i wonder if ur a filipina too like me..coz im so proud of you for meeting these wonderful persons/characters of ABM! i felt so insecure or “INGGIT” to you!!! anyways, I LOVE ABM so much and i want more season not only season3..season 10 is the most like generosa say right?!?! thanks for ur site i really really love it!!! GOD bless to all ABMers!

    • gemified says:

      Hi, yes I’m Filipino. My parents are from the Philippines but I was born in the UK. Thanks for taking the time to check out the site, I’m glad you like what you see. Hopefully we’ll be updating it more often :)


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