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As one of the creators of ABM you would hope that its writer and director, Tina Cesa Ward, would know her ABM. Tina wasn’t very impressed with Meredith’s score and with the opening of the quiz to ABM’s fans the pressure was on for her to score highly, or at the very least – beat Meredith.

1. What’s the name of the school newspaper?

Ok hang on I know this. Clarence something. I know it was something typical.  Not Herald. Maybe Gazette, I say with some trepidation.

√ Correct. Half a point. Clarence High School Gazette.

2. In which episode did Dr Glass first appear?

Dr. Glass first appeared in episode 4, Season 2 “Girl Talk”.

√ Correct.

3. Where in New York does Archibald go to find Elisabeth in the Season 1 finale?

The Public Theatre.

√ Correct.

4. How does Vivian describe her comic strip alter-ego?

I’ll go with lesbian reporter chick.

√ Correct. Half a point. Fierce Lesbian Journalist.

5. “If a customer asks for a triple grande half-caf non-fat wet cappuccino with extra foam, what do you give them?” What was Gabe’s answer?

“A fist in the face.”

√ Correct.

6. What was the one possible reason given why Vivian and Aster shouldn’t be married (from Mrs Winters’ point of view)?

Someone has a paper due.

√ Correct.

7. What is the play that they are rehearsing in the final episode of Season 2?

The Seagull

√ Correct.

8. Finish the tagline to the show, ‘Introducing a new generation – gay, straight, and ethnically diverse –’

Funny enough I always screw this up and leave it to Susan.  Ok give me some thinking here. Wholly crap, what the hell is it?  It changes a couple of times. I’m probably going to f*ck this one up but, “Searching for identity and struggling with modern relationships.”  Something like that.

√ Correct. Half a point. Struggling with identity and modern relationships.

9. What is Vivian’s sure sign that “things aren’t right”?

She gets ravenously hungry.

√ Correct.

10. Name two of the books mentioned in Aster’s video essay:

Haaa.  Nice. Ok.  Catcher in the Rye, Diary of Ann Frank.

√ Correct.

ABMFans: Alrighty, let’s tally up your scores.

Tina: There are two I’m a bit worried about, but I think I beat Mer.

ABMFans: You did indeed, by quite a bit in fact. So your pride can remain in tact.

Tina: Yeah, but if I didn’t get them all, I hope it’s not a let down.

ABMFans: I think you did very well.

Tina: I know I didn’t get them all. The interlude one was a good throw in.  Susan is going to kill me for getting that tagline one wrong, which I’m sure I messed up.

ABMFans: Well I do give 1/2 marks for partially correct answers.

Tina: Hooray!!!!

ABMFans: So you got 8.5/10. A very respectable score. That’s going to take some beating, but I’m sure Susan and Rachael will try.

Tina: Now I’m curious which ones I was a little off on. I thought I got some of those pretty handidly.

ABMFans: You guys are getting competitive.

Tina: I’ll try to cut myself some slack.  But I really wanted to get them all.  It’s a little let down for me.

ABMFans: You’re top of the scoreboard! Okay so there was only Mer to beat, but still – you beat her.

Tina: As long as a fan beats me, I’m ok with that.

To make things a little more interesting we also opened this round up to ABM’s fans. Three of them were brave enough to pit their ABM knowledge against Tina. Though they all made a valiant effort I’m afraid this round goes to ABM’s writer/director. Next time though I expect the fans of ABM to give those ABMers a run for their money! Let us know at the Forum if you want to enter the next round!

The ABM Fans scores are as follows:

Shiran Farbman – 5.5/10

1. Uh.. Clarence.. something? :/ X

2. Easy one. Episode 4 of season 2. Girl Talk! √ Correct.

3. The Public Theater. √ Correct.

4. Cool lesbian reporter chick.. or something similar. √ Correct. Half a point.

5. :( X

6. One of them has a paper due.. Also, two chicks can’t get married. √ Correct.

7. The Seagull √ Correct.

8. Something about 9/11 X

9. She’s hungry. √ Correct.

10. Damn. X

Generosa Litton – 3.5/10

1. Shiny Kids X

2. Ep4 s1 X

3. The Public √ Correct. Half a point.

4. Cool Lesbian journalist √ Correct. Half a point.

5. A fist. √ Correct.

6. Vivian has a paper due. √ Correct.

7. Sheesh??? X

8. People? X

9. No text messages from Colin. X But I like that answer!

10. Catcher in the rye and twilight :-) √ Correct. Half a point.

Cristiane Motta – 0.5/10

1. Gazette Clarence, but not sure. √ Correct. Half a point.

2. This question would be better answered by Laura, hahaha … would be when the parents of Aster decide to separate, 2:04 p or 2:05 …. help me, I do not know, hahahaha. X (But you’re right, Laura should know this one!)

3. At the exit of the building where she went for a test, after finding the Vivian and she give a hint where Elisabeth was. X

4. It would be a black guy is a lesbian together to save the world? X

5. Hahaha, I have no idea, would be: we do not serve coffee, do you like cola? hehehe X

6. By age?! X

7. Play of Elizabeth, which has an older man who falls for a young girl, or something like that, hahaha X

8. Seeking to be accepted in society. X

9. When she goes to spend the weekend in New York with Aster and she decides to go to a party instead of staying together during those days. X

10. I do not know. :) X

So Tina has raised the bar, significantly. Will Tina remain on the top of the scoreboard or will her glory be as short lived as Meredith’s? We shall see when we return for another addition of ABM Mastermind. ABMers and ABM fans alike, now that you’ve seen the calibre of our questions – I hope you know your ABM!

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  2. Cristiane Motta says:

    hahahaha, I said that my note would ZERO, but thanks for the fun. Congratulations to Tina!

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