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There was always something about Meredith King that told me she was awesome in many ways. Now that I have properly met her I can say that she is officially one of the most stellar people I know, but don’t just take my word for it. Anyone who happily responds to my random questioning is obviously pretty fantastic.

1.       What one thing can you do better than anyone else you know?
Grill. I love to cook on the BBQ.

2.       Favourite cinema snack.
Mer: Nachos.
ABMFans: With cheese?
Mer: Duhhhh.
ABMFans: Americans – who knows what you do to things?
Mer: I am addicted to chips and dip. Hahaha touché.

3.       What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?
Mer: I sold knives for a day. It is a long story. I ended up in the hospital with a bloody finger and no knives sold.
ABMFans: Sounds like something Rach would do.
Mer: Haha she might be smarter and not get conned into the job in the first place…or at least make a sale because she is so stellar.
ABMFans: That she is, but also…she’s Rachael.

4.       What is the best sound in the world?
Sunday morning. Does that make sense? It’s so quiet; I love the sound of Sunday mornings.

5.       Which show do you wish was still on the air?
Mer: Party Down… it just got cancelled, ugh.
ABMFans: Never heard of it, American I take it.
Mer: Yes it played on the STARZ network. Netflix had it too.
ABMFans: What’s it about?
Mer: A catering company and the servers are hilarious and struggling actors, writers…so many guest stars…Jane Lynch was in the first season.
ABMFans: Oooh Sue Sylvester!

6.       What topic would you risk it all on in Final Jeopardy?
Mer: MOVIES! Of the comedic genre.
ABMFans: Classic comedy like 80s Steve Martin or are we talking new Will Ferrell type stuff?
Mer: I like it all.

7.       Who was your first movie crush?
Mer: Natalie Portman. I’m watching a movie of hers right now actually.
ABMFans: Bet you can’t wait for Black Swan.
Mer: I’m looking forward to it, yes.
ABMFans: So what was your first Natalie Portman movie?
Mer: There is a special short from ‘Darjeeling Limited.’ Let’s just say it is stellar in many ways.
ABMFans: I still need to watch that movie.
Mer: Hmm I think it was ‘Star Wars Episode 1.’
ABMFans: Have you seen ‘NY, I Love You?’
Mer: Yessss.
ABMFans: Love that movie, for many reasons.
Mer: Episode 2 is on my TV right now.
ABMFans: I wanted that movie to be sooo much better than it was but I forget Lucas can’t right romance.
Mer: Yeah haha.

8.        How do you take your tea/coffee?
Mer: Tea, iced. Coffee, with milk.
ABMFans: Sugar?
Mer: Some days.

9.       What were you doing three hours ago?
Walking a dog (side job).

10.    Have you got any scars?
Mer: Ohh yes I do, I have many.
ABMFans: What’s your most memorable one?
Mer: The ones I got from jumping picnic tables when I was younger. Right on my shins, blood everywhere.
ABMFans: Nice.
Mer: I was an active child.
ABMFans: I see.
Mer: Always building forts or playing outside.
ABMFans: That’s what childhoods are for.
Mer: I’m good at building forts.
ABMFans: I’ll remember that, should I need a fort built.

11.    What do you wish you’d invented?
Mer: Teleportation.
ABMFans: You know they haven’t invented that yet right? You could still do it.
Mer: Haha yeah I’m working on it. Umm real answer…
ABMFans: I like your fake answer; it’d save me on airfare.
Mer: Haha ok well then I will stick with that.
ABMFans: And let me know once you’ve figured out the whole teleporting thing.
Mer: You’ll be the second to know.
ABMFans: Second? Okay I’ll take that.

12.    Which Scooby-Doo character do you most identify with?
Mer: Shaggy.
ABMFans: You have a dog named Scooby?
Mer: I have a dog that looks like Scooby. Ask anyone I bet they would say the same.
ABMFans: About you or the dog?
Mer: Me. He looks just like him and is pretty dumb.
ABMFans: Awww he’s in the military! And hey, Scooby solved a lot of mysteries.
Mer: This is true. But I feel like those are by accident.
ABMFans: Or that’s what he wants you to think…
Mer: So he’s smarter than he looks.
ABMFans: Indeed.

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