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Not-so-Secret Addiction…

By Gemma Jacob

The more I get to know ABM’s fans I realise what a diverse fanbase the show has. I know that their audience spans the world and I think it would prove difficult to find a typical ABM viewer – I think the only thing we’re guaranteed to share is that we love shows that are well-written, beautifully shot, and wonderfully acted. Sitting down for our second FanFocus with ABM SuperFan, Generosa Litton, this couldn’t have been more obvious.

A former recording engineer, Generosa now works in Silicon Valley, which made me feel particularly inept when I was experiencing so many technical issues during our interview. She still pursues her love for music and plays the upright bass with her band, The Bunbury Jazz Trio. A fellow Filipino, she moved to the US in her early 20s and has lived there ever since and currently resides in the Bay area with her partner of 17 years and their two cats.

Many may recognise Generosa as the person who bid on, and won, the famous ‘Nobody Knows I’m a LEZBIAN’ shirt. She donated generously during ABM’s web-a-thon and shamelessly promotes it amongst her friends and colleagues.

Following a lecture on why I should stop being a PC and my poor eating habits when I’m on the West Coast (she’s not fond of Rachael’s eating habits either) we got down to talking about what was important, mainly – why we love ABM so much.

Generosa: I’ve been promoting that shirt with my friends so that they watch the show. They think I’m nuts by the way. How I found out about the show was by accident. It was in June, just this year. So we were getting ready to travel to Europe, we went to Berlin, Italy, France, this year. And I was just on YouTube, just YouTubing stuff and I saw on this thing Anyone But Me. What’s this? So I just started watching and I was instantly hooked. I just thought the writing was great and it’s kind of cool to see a show where they’re out of the closet so you don’t have to explain. I just saw the whole thing in one sitting. And that episode where they did the wedding scene was like the best. I’ve been watching since June, I know it’s a show that’s been going on since 2009.

ABMFans: So you only started watching recently?

Generosa: Yeah recently, really recently.

ABMFans: So Season 2 had finished by the time you started watching.

Generosa: Yes.

ABMFans: You might be in for a wait between the episodes. They sometimes take a while to bring out new episodes.

Generosa: I have a partner of 17 years, we live together. We used to have four cats but now we have two. But my partner is a high school teacher and she’s a little annoyed with me that I have this obsession with ABM. Because she says it’s too…the portrayal of high school kids in that show is just too perfect. But anyway I still love the show coz I think it’s well written. Acting is awesome.

ABMFans: Yeah I’ve heard that criticism too.

Generosa: My partner teaches in public school here in San Francisco. A lot of issues with gangs, teenage pregnancy, whatnot, so I guess you know that’s why we have TV. We need to get away from that real bullsh*t. So even though I’m a big fan of ABM my partner always says that isn’t how it is in real life. So I’m actually very very curious to meet both Tina and Susan because I just kind of want to pick their brain on how they get their material because it is just so…so…nice, what they’re writing about. And the kids are so good with reading, her kids just hate reading. She has to give them a lot of incentive just to read Catcher in the Rye. Sometimes I have to watch ABM in secret because my partner will just give me sh*t.

ABMFans: It’s a good secret.

Generosa: I hate keeping secrets from her though. I made her watch it with me and she liked it but she just said it’s too perfect.

ABMFans: They have their share of problems though.

Generosa: What with the taking Prozac? No it’s a good show. Very good production. Love the editing. Tina does great editing. It’s definitely big screen material. I like it a lot for the production quality.

ABMFans: So you watched all of ABM in one go, what made you click on the next episode?

Generosa: Because they always leave you hanging you know?

ABMFans: Oh I know.

Generosa: That’s why I say the editing is awesome coz you just come back for more and I just think the medium of 6-10 minute episodes is the best. No commercials. And for someone like me I have ADD, very short attention span, it’s perfect.

ABMFans: Really? You’re probably the only one who’s happy they’re so short.

Generosa: Yeah I’m happy that it’s short. Well, the reason I’m happy is because I was able to see everything in one shot. If I had to wait then I’d be p*ssed.

ABMFans: Wait till next season starts. It’s painful.

Generosa: I auctioned for a guess spot so I’m hoping, well I don’t really have any expectations for that, but I really just want to meet Tina and Susan and just pick their brain. How they come up with these things. That’s really my motivation.

ABMFans: In the web-a-thon auction?

Generosa: Yes I won the shirt and the walk on part. Maybe it’s just a walk on part, I don’t know if people will see my face. But I really don’t have much expectations, I just want to meet the writers. And of course the actors, but the writers are the ones I’m interested in.

ABMFans: They’re lovely.

Generosa: I just love their writing and the politics.

ABMFans: What did you think of the web-a-thon? Did you think it was a good way to raise funds?

Generosa: Apparently the web-a-thon, I’m new to this web thing and I don’t know if it’s been done before, but from my perspective I gave them a lot of money. I probably gave them almost $2,000. And Leslie, my partner, just kept thinking, “Stop giving money to them! We need it for our next trip to Europe.” But I kept saying it’s my money I can do whatever I want. I just felt it was a very empowering way to get me involved. I just felt I had more power to do something for a show and it’s kind of cool to interact with celebrities because you would never do that. And I like the fact that Susan actually sent me a letter and acknowledged my participation. I just don’t think people do that anymore. So I think it was a good way. Very empowering. Almost Obama-like.

ABMFans: That was really nice of her. So you think it’s important that fans were given that opportunity?

Generosa: It’s very important. I think one way that shows, and I think that’s why the web is such a good medium, it allows the fans to give their point of view because fans really make TV shows work. And you never get that with shows like Glee. I think it’s a great thing.

ABMFans: So once Season 3 starts you’ll be Tweeting about what you think?

Generosa: Absolutely. I’ll be Tweeting and Facebooking and all of that.

ABMFans: And of course, going on the Forum.

Generosa: I’ve been trying to get my friends on Facebook to start watching it. Especially if I do get the part I’ll definitely be promoting the show. So I think it’s brilliant for Susan and Tina to include fans in the show itself because then people can promote themselves. I have shameless self-promotion. I’m a musician so I can do that. And I’m in marketing, that’s what I do.

ABMFans: You have to market yourself. I’m just getting my head around that whole idea of selling yourself. So who else have you convinced to watch the show?

Generosa: I’ve convinced a friend of mine, I’m just not sure whether she’s watched the whole thing. I convinced a guy in my band, Richard. I told him to watch the episode with the lesbian marriage thing because I told him I have the shirt. He thought it was just too…shiny. I guess most people in their 40s and above think it’s too shiny. But who cares? We need some happiness. I have a friend, Keith, who plays guitar. He’s a Brit just like you. He’s from Forkstown or something? Folkestown?

ABMFans: Folkstone, near the coast.

Generosa: He used to live in New York and now he’s back here in San Francisco. New York is tough though, especially if you’re not young. I love visiting but I don’t think I want to live there. It’s too crazy. San Francisco is just more my scene.

ABMFans: I find SF very laid back.

Generosa: It’s one of the cooler cities on the West Coast. LA is too superficial in my opinion. San Francisco is more cool, more diverse.

ABMFans: Yes, this is my criticism of LA – it’s all fake.

Generosa: So tell Nicole to get away from LA, what’s she doing there?

ABMFans: I don’t know how you could give up NY for LA.

Generosa: I guess for the job. San Francisco is so cool you can do everything here. One hour you’re at the beach. Less than three hours you can go skiing.

ABMFans: I think work is a lot easier.

Generosa: I guess it’s for work. She sounds very serious about her craft.

ABMFans: Also housing is a hell of a lot cheaper.

Generosa: Yeah. Still expensive though, San Francisco’s not cheap for housing.

ABMFans: As an older viewer of ABM, what do you think of the older characters – Gabe, Aunt Jodie, and how they interact with the younger characters?

Generosa: Older. I feel like a granny. I’m older but I feel I’m still a teenager. As Leslie would say, she thinks I have “Arrested Development.” I actually relate to the young characters. I think they’re very typical of how you think a parent should be. Leslie has nieces who are like 20/19, we party with them. We go out with them, we take them to clubs. I personally would like, when I interact with teenagers, to deal with them on their level. And Leslie teaches high school, her kids are 16/17. They find her really cool. She dresses like them, wears Chucks.

ABMFans: Do you think part of the success of ABM is that it isn’t just about teenage drama? You also have Gabe and Aunt Jodie’s issues with their new roles.

Generosa: I don’t know, I think that’s a given – Gabe and their roles. But I think the fans are more into the teenagers and their drama. Especially the lesbian fans, they’re really into the Vivian story. What I like about Vivian and Aster is that they’re not super beautiful. I mean they’re beautiful, they’re really good looking actors, but they’re not super glamorous. You can relate to them more as every day kids. You know I notice the way they dress, they wear their Pumas.

ABMFans: Yeah I understand. Not like Gossip Girl kids.

Generosa: I never saw Gossip Girl. But like The L Word girls, they were just eye candy. Jennifer Beales is just so beautiful.

ABMFans: Ridiculously so.

Generosa: I do know some lesbians here in San Francisco who are just gorgeous, but it’s just not real. That’s why I like the success of ABM. And one thing about ABM, Rachael Hip-Flores, her heritage is very interesting.

ABMFans: Yeah she’s a bunch of stuff.

Generosa: I thought she was actually Asian. I guess she has the Chinese.

ABMFans: Yup she’s a quarter.

Generosa: I am one eighth British. My last name is Litton, and it’s my real last name. People think I got married or something. But I’m like no, no that’s my real name.

ABMFans: Yeah that is British.

Generosa: My great-grandfather was British and he married a Chinese woman. So my grandfather was half-British, half-Chinese. And they moved to Hong Kong and then came over to the Philippines and met my grandmother who I’m named after, Generosa. And we’re Spanish…Filipino…Filipinos are also “mutts”.

ABMFans: Yes we are.

Generosa: So I have an eighth British and an eighth Chinese.

ABMFans: What are your hopes for Season 3?

Generosa: Well we all want a happy ending.

ABMFans: You’re not Team Sophie are you?

Generosa: No. Not at all.


Generosa: But it is realistic for High School kids to do what they’re doing. So I guess if they need to prolong the show.

ABMFans: Yeah yeah I know, but still I don’t like it.

Generosa: They should probably get Sophie pregnant. That would be realistic.

ABMFans: Oh boy.

Generosa: Or Aster can get pregnant! Or Vivian can get pregnant with that guy. What’s his name? Garett Ross’ character.

ABMFans: Sterns.

Generosa: And then they can talk about what they should do. And then Vivian and Aster can adopt the baby. No that wouldn’t…that isn’t real anymore. Have you seen South of Nowhere? That’s probably what I think the show is but I actually like it better.

ABMFans: We don’t have that show here. I’ve heard of it but never watched it.

Generosa: That’s sort of the show that is very similar to Anyone But Me. See it if you can. That was one show I really liked before.

ABMFans: So you want there to be a baby on ABM?

Generosa: You know what, not for teenagers. That would suck. I just really want them to go through the break-up thing, maybe have relationships with other people. Have Aster hook up with a hot girl and then of course in the end they’ll get back together. I want them to be in college. Maybe that’s what they should do, fast forward. Maybe the first three episodes will be High School and then fast forward to college. And then get into the really deep sh*t. Get into the pregnancy. Withdrawal. All that.

ABMFans: Well you never know.

Generosa: Coz those girls are really college types. But I think there should be a Season 4 and 5, until 10.

ABMFans: Absolutely. I’m happy for it to go on forever.

Generosa: I read that you liked Six Feet Under.

ABMFans: I love that show.

Generosa: Have you seen True Blood? That’s amazing, it’s Alan Ball as well and it’s got that same Six Feet Under feel.

ABMFans: I saw the first episode and then I haven’t seen any more. It’s weird because the guy who plays Jason was on an Aussie show here and when I saw it I kept thinking of his old role. And the main vampire was in a show that my friend did extra work for so it’s still weird seeing them in stuff.

Generosa: The Jason guy is a great character in the show. Cracks me up. It’s got that Alan Ball thing, all this sex stuff and it’s really outlandish.

ABMFans: Yeah that’s what I saw, it was kind of raw. No holds barred. But I have heard wonderful things about it.

Generosa: It’s definitely adult, not teenage. I like that kind of stuff. I don’t think ABM can be that so it’s nice to have a clean and pristine show.

ABMFans: I definitely think ABM has its place in current programming.

I want to thank Generosa for sitting down with me to talk about why she loves ABM, and also everything she’s done to promote the show. I am sure she’s going to have a wonderful time on set with all the ABMers once S3 starts filming.

Check out how well Generosa did against Rachael in our latest round of ABM Mastermind. Having spoken to her I think the ABMers are lucky that she’s not writing some of the questions.

If you want to be part of a future FanFocus just drop us a message in the Forum and we’ll get in touch. We want to get to know our fellow ABM Fans! We promise to make it as painless as possible :)

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