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Not much is known about ABM’s “stud,” Amy Jackson Lewis, although every ABM fan knows that she is a part of the infamous Season Two finale. Surprisingly she has managed to avoid the potential “We hate Jamie!” wave that could have hit. Instead there appears to be an unspoken understanding that if someone as hot as Aster is coming at you, what are you going to do – turn her away? I don’t think so.

In order to learn more about the person behind the character it was time for some random questioning. Amongst other things I learnt that she takes Scrabble very seriously so if you say yes to fruit then you should definitely challenge her, also, if she needs to go to the bathroom – get the heck out of her way!

1.       What’s your favourite word in the English language?
Amy: Wow…so many to choose from.
ABMFans: I like hippopotamus.
Amy: That’s a good one. One of my all time favourite words has got to be “moot,” as in moot point. Mostly because I’m proud to be part of the small sub-sect of the world that knows it’s pronounced “moot point,” and not “mood point.” I won a $20 bet for that one once.

2.       What is your earliest memory?
Amy: I was two years old. I was in nothing but a diaper, running at full speed to the bathroom (I had to go so bad, not much has changed), and I slipped and cracked my head open on a solid wood chair.
ABMFans: Ouch.
Amy: My mom says I didn’t cry.
ABMFans: Did you break the chair?
Amy: It was a holiday, Labour Day I think. Haha I don’t think so. I remember a fire truck came to pick me up instead of an ambulance, which was weird. They put what I remembered as a neck brace around my head to stop the bleeding…I got ten stitches and not one tear, so I got a lollipop.
ABMFans: Wow, you must have needed to go to the bathroom REAL bad.
Amy: Sadly it was not the last time I’ve injured myself running to pee…small bladder issues. TMI??
ABMFans: Perhaps, but it’s alright. Hopefully no more stitches.

3.       What was your worst subject in school?
Amy: Calculus. I was such an over- achiever I took AP Calculus the last semester of my senior year. Everyone else’s schedule was like Art, English, Ceramics, Free Period, Internship, Yearbook. Lol. Mine was all AP’s and 2 honours. No matter how hard I worked I couldn’t get better than a B, which ruined my whole G.P.A. right before graduation!
ABMFans: AP Calculus? I’m impressed.
Amy: Wow, reopening old wounds…
ABMFans: Oops, sorry.

4.       What’s your favourite James Bond movie?
Amy: The one where Denise Richards plays the girl named Christmas and is smokin’ hot and at the end when they’re doin’ it, Bond says, “And I thought Christmas only came once a year,” and the whole audience collectively groans. That one.
ABMFans: Oh man I know the one…
Amy: I like that you put a British “u” in favourite by the way… (Editor’s note – it was spelt without the “u” by Amy, but I can’t leave it that way knowing it’s wrong.)
ABMFans: The World is Not Enough. Yeah I spell properly.

5.       What were you doing three hours ago?
Amy: I was lying on my Yoga mat, listening to “Rihanna Radio” on Pandora and playing iPhone scrabble, waiting for my Yoga class to start.
ABMFans: Words with friends?
Amy: Yes! Tell me you have a user name, I’m obsessed.
ABMFans: No I’m a Blackberry user. I know that Susan plays it a lot on Facebook though. You should challenge her.
Amy: Well if any ABM fans wanna get DESTROYED, my user name is AJax11.
ABMFans: I will let the fans know. You’re a bit competitive then?
Amy: Heh. I’m a Leo and an only child…
ABMFans: Double trouble.
Amy: Exactly.

6.       How do you take your tea/coffee?
Amy: Coffee. Tea tastes like contaminated water. Coffee very first thing every single morning or else I’m not getting up. Agave syrup and a little soy.
ABMFans: Americans and your coffee.

Editor’s note – This may be the only thing I don’t like about Amy. As a Brit (even one that doesn’t really drink tea) I am honour-bound to take offence at her words against tea.

7.       What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?
Amy: The Gap Outlet, senior year of high school. The only upside was I met my first gays there.
ABMFans: Retail can be a nightmare.
Amy: “The Denim Wall.” ::shudder::
ABMFans: How long did it take before you could walk into a Gap after you left?
Amy: I moved to New York after I graduated and literally have not gone in one since. The big one on Astor Place haunts me.
ABMFans: I know how you feel, my first job was in McDonald’s cooking the breakfasts – I lasted a month. Couldn’t eat eggs for a year afterwards.
Amy: Whoa – you win.
ABMFans: Yeah, kinda trumps a lot of crappy jobs.

8.       If you had to lose one of your senses which would it be?
Amy: I could never lose taste because I’m such a food and wine nut…Losing sight and touch would put quite the damper on my relationship…I’ll say my hearing, I’ve always been more of a movie than music person.
ABMFans: Smell?
Amy: Integral part of being a wine nut!
ABMFans: Very true. Hearing it is. There’s always subtitles.

9.       Since you brought up food, what’s the worst thing you’ve ever eaten?
Amy: The boiled greenish hot dogs from my high school cafeteria.
ABMFans: Ewww, I don’t even want to know.

10.    Who was your first movie crush?
Amy: Oh easy – Reese Witherspoon. Long before I even came out, I was obsessed. I’m talking Reese magazine cut-out collages on my bedroom wall…a little embarrassing. Pleasantville is still my all-time favourite movie.
ABMFans: I love that movie. It’s one of those ones you forget is so good.
Amy: My other big crush was in that too – Paul Walker.
ABMFans: Joan Allen, William H. Macy, even Paul Walker’s decent in it.
Amy: Ah! So hot he is.
ABMFans: Yeah he’s not exactly hard to look at.

11.    What’s the best thing you’ve ever won?
Amy: Most likely to be famous in my high school yearbook.
ABMFans: Well you’re on your way.
Amy: You’re sweet.
ABMFans: I’m being very well behaved today. Your character is responsible for making me yell at my PC.
Amy: Ooooooo are you a Team Aster/Vivian?
ABMFans: VERY much so. I am not a Team Sophie fan at all. At the start I was very much Team Aster, now I still kind of am but not so fervent a supporter.
Amy: Haha so much drama! I thought everyone would love that make out sesh but it turns out ABM fans have too much integrity!
ABMFans: She almost had your trousers off!
Amy: That was her idea!
ABMFans: Bad form Aster. She’d been doing so well.
Amy: Lol I was like, I mean yeah Nic whatever gets you there.
ABMFans: Tut tut tut.
Amy: Aster was going for it!
ABMFans: She really really was. And then Vivian, oh man still too painful. I watched it last night because I was writing Mastermind questions.
Amy: We were shooting next to what seemed like an AA support group or something, the late arrivers were sooo freaked out.
ABMFans: I can imagine.
Amy: Vivian’s reaction was so gut-wrenching though; Rachael is such an amazing actress. That shot took like an hour to get, and Rachael stayed in tears the entire time.
ABMFans: I think that’s why it’s still painful, Rachael kills me. That girl cries on cue.
Amy: Yeah it’s pretty impressive.
ABMFans: You had to make out with Nicole for an hour? Now that’s a hard day’s work I’m sure.
Amy: It was so surreal, I’ve known her forever. She’s also really good friends with my girlfriend, which could have been potentially awkward, but my gf was like, “Um, is it weird that I find this absurdly hot?”
ABMFans: Well that’s a lot better of a reaction than what could’ve been.
Amy: Yes well my gf Crystal is the best.
ABMFans: They’re always good to have, especially when you have to make out with hot girls for “work.”

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  2. kayla says:

    I am going to be SO UPSET if Sophie and Vivian get together): becaue Aster and Vivian HAVE TO BE TOGETHER ! they are adorable together, and I don’t want Sophie and Vivian to be together, it would upset half of the ABM population! including me!

  3. Skye says:

    Normally I would hate Amy’s character, but I’ve played the bad guy. and it was just to hot to hate. sorry guys 😉

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