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The Ultimate ABM Mastermind Challenge

Who will knock out who in The Ultimate ABM Mastermind Challenge?

As many of the readers of the site know, we have been challenging the cast and crew of ABM to the Mastermind Challenge in which they have to answer 10 questions in order to determine how well they know their ABM. Recently we have opened that challenge up to the fans too, because I know we all know our ABM too. However, having administered the last couple of quizzes I think we’re letting the ABMers get away a bit too easily, thus the Ultimate ABM Mastermind Challenge was born!

Yes, that is as scary as it sounds. I have designed The Challenge to include 20 (some would say diabolical) questions that will test the knowledge of even the most learned ABM scholar. Ordinarily I would not encourage a person to study for ABM Mastermind, however with this one I advise you to study. I advise you to study hard. It is no joke.

Tina Cesa Ward, Susan Miller, Rachael Hip-Flores, Meredith King, and Nicole Pacent have all thrown their hat into the ring; and they are confident that they can kick the ass of not only their fellow ABMers but also any fan that dares step up to the plate. Now of course ABM Fans’ pride is at stake and where I would accept the task, someone has to referee this thing so I am out of the running. However, our very own Tricia Richards has agreed to take on the ABMers and has challenged Nicole Pacent personally to a showdown. She’s not the only one, Maggie Zerger has taken on no small feat and challenged the current ABM Mastermind herself, Tina Cesa Ward.

To make it even more interesting, if the smack talk on Twitter wasn’t enough, there are a few personal wagers being placed. However, in order to open the fun up to everyone we will be taking bets (no money involved) on who wins, and to keep it interesting – also on who loses. Details on all the markets you can bet on and also what you could win (yes, there will be prizes) will be announced at a later date as well as more detail on how The Challenge will actually be administered.

Now that the stakes have been raised, are you confident enough to say, ‘I know my ABM!’ Are you willing to challenge an ABMer? How about the other ABM goddess, Susan Miller? Or the geek that studied for charades, Rachael Hip-Flores? Perhaps the Super Intern that is all things to everyone on the set, Meredith King? What of the other ABMers? Don’t worry, we’ll be extending the challenge to them too.

There has not been a battle like this ever before. It will not be an easy fight. Trust me. I’ve seen the questions. It will be a brutal and bloody, no holds barred, and no prisoners taken. With the ABMers already making a strong showing with several taunts of, ‘Bring it!’ to the ABM Fans over Twitter we need to step up our game. Someone needs to put these ABMers in their place. When the smoke has cleared, whose hand will I be raising in victory?

If you think you are up to the task let us know of your interest over at the Forum. Come on ABM Fans, I know you’re more than capable of kicking ass in The Ultimate ABM Mastermind Challenge!


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