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From what we saw of Sterns in Season One I was less than happy at his reappearance in Season Two, even less so after we learnt Vivian was the object of his affection. Having talked to Garett Ross, if Vivian is to have a male admirer (I am not advocating anyone be with Vivian but Aster, no matter how awesome they are). If Sterns out to be more like Garett then I might be more than a little okay with that.

1.        What was the last dream you had?

Garett: HAHA! It’s so random…I was running from a bear that was talking to me and then when we reached the edge of the woods or forest or whatever he simply sat down and waved, and I proceeded to climb a tree and do a swan dive into a lake….weird…
ABMFans: Do you remember what the bear said?
Garett: No but I remember he was extremely well spoken, possibly British, and he wasn’t a menacing bear, just running around very proper like. He might have had a top hat, can’t remember.
ABMFans: He sounds awesome.
Garett: Of course he is…I only dream awesome things Gem.
ABMFans: Sorry, what was I thinking?
Garett: I don’t know…ridiculous to assume otherwise.
ABMFans: I won’t make the same mistake again I promise.

2.       What word do you most overuse?

Garett: Haha not even a question on this one…Debatable.
ABMFans: Really? It’s not what I would say is an everyday word.
Garett: Trust me I manage to use it a lot, but in a joking way. Like if someone is fishing for a compliment, instead of saying, “Yeah you’re gorgeous.” I usually just go with, “Meh, it’s debatable.”
ABMFans: Okay, you have to use it before this question session is over.
Garett: Done.

3.       What do you/did you want to be when you grew up?

Garett: To tell you the truth, an actor. When I was 6 years old living in Colorado, and we were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up, I said I wanted to live in New York City and be an actor….talk about knowing what you’ve wanted to do at a young age.
ABMFans: Definitely, looks like your younger self was right.

4.       Have you got any scars?

Garett: Ridiculous amount…I’ve fallen down two mountains, had a snowboard cut a four inch gash in the top of my head that took four staples to close, got a stick lodge in my eyeball that had to be dug out…and many more…So yeah there might be a scar or two, but I’m still in one piece.
ABMFans: Wow.
Garett: Haha that’s most people’s reaction. Eight concussions too :-/
ABMFans: You didn’t learn after you fell down the first mountain?
Garett: Or seven. I can’t remember.
ABMFans: After that many I think it’s okay not to remember.
Garett: Haha yeah that’s my excuse to Tina and Susan if I forget a line…
ABMFans: I think it’s a perfectly valid one.
Garett: No I learned, but you can’t let fallen down one mountain stop you…I still love to rock climb and hike and do everything.
ABMFans: True, let’s try not to let there be a third time though.
Garett: Deal.

5.       What’s your screensaver?

Garett: It’s a really cool photo of Michael Jordan taking the game winning shot against the Utah Jazz, and everything in the photo has been changed to black and white scale, except for Jordan and the ball. Really artistic.
ABMFans: Sounds cool.

6.       How do you take your tea/coffee?

Garett: Tea…not a coffee drinker.
ABMFans: Yes!
Garett: Haha that makes you happy?
ABMFans: I’m British, we run on tea.
Garett: Oh of course, and crumpets.
ABMFans: I interviewed Amy Jackson Lewis the other day and she said tea tastes like contaminated water. I wasn’t happy. Crumpets! Rachael is nuts over crumpets.
Garett: PSH tea is amazing…I love tea; I had some a few minutes ago actually, with honey.
ABMFans: See, you talk sense to me.

7.       What’s your favourite thing about your hometown?

Garett: Waking up in the morning, looking out my windows to see the beautiful Rocky Mountains and the perfectly crisp blue sky. And the air, the air is amazing in Colorado. Way to make me miss home!
ABMFans: I am told, that apparently the air in Brooklyn smells different than Manhattan, although I’m pretty sure it’s not the same. It smelt the same to me, but that’s what I’m told.
Garett: Ummm yeah I’ve never noticed a difference, but I can’t honestly say I’ve ever taken the time to really smell the air in comparison either….Day Trip!
ABMFans: Well I did hear it from a Brooklynite so he may have been a bit biased.
Garett: Haha probably so.

8.       What’s the perfect day?

Garett: Hmmm…waking up around 11, playing guitar outside in nature, eating a huge meal, read a bit, and then just relaxing outside listening to music. I really like nature and the solitude that comes with it. So my perfect day would be very relaxing and stress free. Or snowboarding allllllllll day. It’s debatable.
ABMFans: There’s the word!
Garett: Haha!

9.       Have you ever cried in a movie?

Garett: YES! Only one. Take a guess at the type of movie.
ABMFans: Action movie of course.
Garett: Hahaha nope, a cartoon.
ABMFans: Oooh are we talking Disney?
Garett: I’m pretty sure it’s a Disney movie yeah
ABMFans: a new one or are we talking classic Disney?
Garett: Classic.
ABMFans: Hmm…I’m going to go with jungle book because it’s one of my faves.
Garett: I love the jungle book! Mowgli! But no….The Fox and the Hound.
ABMFans: Aww.
Garett: Yeah I don’t wanna talk about it :(
ABMFans: I understand.
Garett: IT’S SO SAD!!!!! You better cheer me up; I was in a good mood till we brought that up.
ABMFans: On the up side, that is far cooler and less predictable answer than Bambi.
Garett: Haha, less predictable cuz it’s true! After that movie I never let myself get too invested in characters when watching a film. No one likes to get hurt!
ABMFans: It’s an important life lesson, that’s why kids are made to watch Disney.
Garett: Alright enough of the sensitive guy stuff….BEER, EXPLOSIONS, MEAT…okay I’m better.
ABMFans: Uh huh.

10.    Which Scooby-doo character do you most identify with?

Garett: Haha, gotta go with Scooby Dooby Doo, I feel like we are pretty much the same.
ABMFans: You have an annoying nephew too that likes to start fights with everyone?
Garett: Hahaha…no more along the lines of I am constantly eating food, Scooby is always looking for his Scooby snacks.
ABMFans: That is how he tends to solve a mystery.
Garett: Exactly, that’s why on set Tina always pats me on the head and gives me a snack after each good take.
ABMFans: She knows what works.

11.    Do you have any phobias?

Garett: Not really. Bees. Yup. Bees. I run away like a little girl. I hate them. Snakes, spiders, anything else no big deal.
ABMFans: Just the bees.
Garett: Bees are my kryptonite.
ABMFans: Leading me perfectly onto the next, last, and possibly most important question apart from the tea one…

12.    Batman or Superman?

Garett: Perfect lead in! But oddly enough after that last comment, I gotta go Batman hands down.
ABMFans: Because?
Garett: Because he is an ordinary citizen who takes a city’s troubles on his shoulders. He doesn’t have any supernatural powers that were gifted to him. I just find him to be very honourable and selfless. Plus the last movie in the franchise, The Dark Knight, was off the charts amazing with unbelievable performances.
ABMFans: You are giving excellent answers.
Garett: Haha just being a bit garrulous but it works.
ABMFans: Nope, your answers are perfect; and nice word use.
Garett: Haha thanks.


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