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With the ladies of ABM stamping their authority all over ABM Mastermind it was time the boys stepped up to the plate to see just how well they knew their ABM. First up, the starting quarterback, Mitchell S. Adams. He assured me that he was sitting comfortably, that wouldn’t last for long…

1.       What is on the note Vivian wrote that Aster keeps?

I’m With You.

√ Correct.

2.       What is Archibald’s surname?

Whoa…good question…no idea.

X The correct answer is Bishop.

3.       Why was Aster nervous before her and Vivian’s first time together?

Because she felt bad deflowering Vivian…I dunno, that’s my best response.

X The correct answer is because she was afraid Vivian would run screaming from the room when she kissed her.

4.       Which editor is Elisabeth shadowing during their New York Times field trip?

Mitchell: I wanna say that’s a trick question, because she ditches that assignment to audition at the Public Theatre.

ABMFans: Before she ditches she says who she should be shadowing.

Mitchell: Damn…um, the lifestyles editor?

X The correct answer is Arts and Leisure.

5.       What is the final word of season one?

Mitchell: The last single word? I’m asking, not guessing there.

ABMFans: Yes the last thing said before the credits role.

Mitchell: You know how many words are said?!? Hmm let’s go with, “place.”

X The correct answer is, “Sh*t.”

6.       How many time does Jonathan say Sterns grabbed him during the horror movie they went to see together?

Mitchell: Haha, oh sh*t. Um.

ABMFans: Come on it’s one of your lines.

Mitchell: I know! Hold on. Uuhhh. 10 times.

ABMFans: Final answer?

Mitchell: Yeah…this is frustrating, because I know the line surrounding that one part, “Dude, you totally grabbed me like _ times.” “…Horror movies are straight up date movies, when are you gonna ask that girl out you’ve been talking about?” But yes, final answer.

ABMFans: I think that is pretty much the whole thing, apart from the number.

X The correct answer is five.

7.       Where does Aster tell Vivian she was when she was having her first therapy session with Dr Glass?

The library.

X The correct answer is tutoring a kid.

8.       Why does Archibald say he loves Elisabeth’s mum?

Ahh…I can see the scene in my mind, but all the words are coming out, “Waa waa.” Let’s go with, because she is letting Elisabeth go out with him.

X The correct answer is she’s happy she’s going on a date.

9.       According to Aunt Jodie, what are the perks of not being Vivian’s mother?

Mitchell: Ugh, you’re killing me. Or I’m killing myself. I’m thinking.

ABMFans: You’re nearly at the end.

Mitchell: She gets to be the “cool aunt.”

X The correct answer is she doesn’t have to take the blame or credit for whatever is going on with her.

10.    Finish this scene:

Archibald: It can get scary in these halls.
Viv: I’ve seen worse.
Archibald: Yeah? Where you from?
Viv: New York.
Archibald: …

Mitchell: Uh oh, city girl at Clarence? There’s more right?

ABMFans: There’s a bit right before that, or a bit right after that. If you give me either I’ll give you a full point

Mitchell: “Uh oh, city girl at Clarence? Maybe you should show ME around.”

ABMFans: …not bad.

√ Correct. “Look out! City girl at Clarence. Maybe you should be walking me to class.”

Mitchell: Do you tell me my score or do I have to wait till it’s published?

ABMFans: You have to wait.

Mitchell: Boo.

ABMFans: I don’t think you’re last.

Mitchell: Hah, well that’s comforting.

I may have been mistaken about Mitch not coming last. Still, a valiant effort none-the-less, right? Hey, it’s the taking part that counts! With The Ultimate Mastermind Challenge looming you never know, he may have been pacing himself. The field is still wide open for an upset.

The ABM Fans scores:

Shiran Farbman – 7/10

1. I’m with you. √ Correct.

2. Oh god. Hmm. No idea. X Incorrect.

3. Oh! She thought Vivian would freak out as soon as she kissed her. √ Correct.

4. Arts and something.. umm..leisure? √ Correct.

5. Sh*t! (god, I’m a genius) √ Correct.

6. I saw this one two seconds ago and i still don’t remember. I’m gonna go with seven. X Incorrect.

7. Wow, studying upfront does help. She said she’s tutoring a kid. √ Correct.

8. Because she’s happy Elisabeth went out of her room and on a date. √ Correct.

9. Something about..being mad at her. X Incorrect.

10. Look out! City girl at Clarence (or however that’s spelled). Maybe you should be walking me to class? √ Correct.

Skywalker – 6.5/10

1. Ohh.. “I’m with you.” √ Correct.

2. Bishop. I know beacuse I’m a fan of Fringe and Walter and Peter has the same last name. √ Correct.

3. Beacuse she was frightened that Vivian leave the room … but Vivian kiss her first, I think that is this. √ Correct.

4. Oh man, Arts and Minds? √ Correct. Half a point.

5. It’s a conversation beetween Sophie and Vivian and i think that is, “I’m glad you make it back.” So the word would be back?? X Incorrect.

6. Five times? I think I’m gonna fail this exam. √ Correct.

7. Oh man you got me…I don’t remember sorry. X Incorrect.

8. Elisabeth’s mum is happy to see her daughter go out to her bedroom and to see that she is having fun time, I don’t know to explain it better sorry. √ Correct. Half a point.

9. Ok let me think, that she don’t have to be mad with her or to be great with Vivian, I don’t remeber the exacts words, I hope you understand me. She says something about credit for I think. √ Correct. Half a point.

10. Oh get out city girl in Clarence! I think , but maybe the exact words aren’t right. Maybe you should (acompañar en español) to my class. Correct.

We only had two contenders against Mitch this time around. However, it appears that’s all we needed coz they kinda kicked his ass. Sorry Mitch. It seems the ABM Fans have more than taken this Mastermind thing in their stride. Let’s hope we can maintain our form, with Ultimate Mastermind looming hopefully all this study will have paid off.

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  1. Shiran says:

    God bless me. And Mitch! Thank you Mitch! Maybe I should switch to him for the UMC 😉

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