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It has been a while since I got to sit and chat with Rachael Hip-Flores, both in my role as Editor-in-Chief of ABMFans and my even more important role as her friend. After a quick catch-up we reminded ourselves that there was actually a reason we had managed to find time in our schedules. I set about asking her some questions which will remind people exactly why we love her, and that helped remind me that I need to have more of Rachael’s brand of randomness in my life.

1.       What one thing can you do better than anyone else you know?

Rachael: Ha…hmmm. I think I’m pretty amazing at digging myself out of conversational holes. I have a lot of practice and I was an English major so I must say I’m pretty amazing at wandering off topic/saying something incredibly awkward and then being able to swing it back around when no one’s looking.
ABMFans: I will testify to that.
Rachael: ::curtsey::

2.       What’s your favourite word in the English language?

Rachael: AAAAAAAWWWW I LOVE THIS QUESTION!!!! Can it be originated from another language? Because I love the word ‘Armada,’ but that’s Spanish…I also really love the word fleet – and independence and incandescent… luminary…
ABMFans: You realise “favourite” means one right? I knew there’d be more with you. So, what are your favourite wordS?
Rachael: Can’t it be favoured? I have favoured words…I show them preference, though it is pretty difficult to work ‘armada’ into everyday conversation.
ABMFans: You should make that your New Year’s resolution, to use it at least once a week, it’ll only be a matter of time before it catches on.
Rachael: I am totally making that my New Year’s resolution.
ABMFans: Like ‘chillax’ but only exponentially more awesome.
Rachael: That sounds like much more fun than sit-ups.
ABMFans: Was that even an option? Really?
Rachael: I agree, I am not a fan of chillax.
ABMFans: You know who you are right?
Rachael: I know, I just worry about when my metabolism slows down and I’ve got all these bad habits. Okay so yes, favoured words. Incandescent, independent, luminary, armada, fleet, yes. Good words. Decent, is another one, but only as it refers to people, not quality. Like she’s a decent person, not that movie was decent.
ABMFans: Hmm, interesting. I think I use that more with people in general.
Rachael: It’s much more positive when used with people, right?
ABMFans: Yeah, and it’s a good quality to have, makes them sound like someone you’d want to know whereas with a movie it just makes it sound meh.
Rachael: Like there’s some basic goodness about them right? Light is also a beautiful word. I love light. What are yours?
ABMFans: Flabbergasted I like, also hippopotamus.
Rachael: Yes!
ABMFans: Articulate, but mostly because it’s one of the few words I remember looking up the definition for.
Rachael: It’s good onomatopoeia.
ABMFans: Oh! Flibbertigibbet! But that’s a ‘Sound of Music’ thing.
Rachael: ::silence::
ABMFans: You’re a bit of a flibbertigibbet actually.
Rachael: …Yes…?…Thank you?
ABMFans: You’re welcome. It’s a good thing, it means you’re whimsical.
Rachael: Aww shucks now.
ABMFans: And apparently not familiar with the works of Rodgers and Hammerstein or Julie Andrews’ back catalogue. But of course not, you haven’t even seen Mary Poppins!
Rachael: Agreed. I was much more Tim Burton and Sondheim growing up.
ABMFans: Deprived.
Rachael: Bit like Wednesday Addams actually.
ABMFans: Okay you’re scary now, but you should totally dress up as her next Halloween!
Rachael: I think that was one of my costumes freshman year of college… may have been Morticia.
ABMFans: I wouldn’t put it past you to be that awesome.
Rachael: Nor should you, my friend, nor should you.

3.       What’s your karaoke song of choice?

Rachael: I thought it would be ‘Tiny Dancer’ – but I tried that one and I was wrong. I’ve only been Karaoke-ing once (in this country) and it was really out of my range (on the low side, which almost never happens). However, I kicked ass at Counting Crows’ ‘Angels of Silence’ on Rock Band (or possibly Band Hero), next time around I’m looking at that or ‘Mr. Jones.’ Or possibly ‘I’m Just a Girl,’ No Doubt, because sometimes you just gotta be really mid-to-late-90s about life…
ABMFans: When you get here, just to warn you, there will be karaoke. My friends are Filipino, it’s in our blood. There is NO escape.
Rachael: I really feel like I need to redeem myself, actually so I’m down.
ABMFans: You didn’t have a choice but glad you’ve agreed.
Rachael: It just makes existence easier that way.
ABMFans: At least with my friends, yes.

4.       If you had to listen to one song or read one book or watch one movie, over and over again for the rest of your life what would it be?

Rachael: One Song, toss-up between ‘Free Falling’ – Tom Petty and ‘Shambala’ – Three Dog Night. One Book, probably ‘Sirens of Titan’ by Kurt Vonnegut, but ‘100 Years of Solitude’ by Gabriel Garcia Marquez would probably give me more to work with over time. And movie, I’m pretty sure there’s no contest, ‘Return of the King.’
ABMFans: Yeah the multiple endings on that one will have you busy, I think I got up five different times thinking it was over when it wasn’t.
Rachael: Hey, man, they deserved every one of those endings! But then there’s nothing to make me laugh…Meh. I could probably laugh on my own.
ABMFans: You sure? That little hop Bilbo does onto the boat at the end was pretty amusing in a sad kind of ‘Really, did they just do that?’ kind of way.
Rachael: ::death stare::
ABMFans: Moving on…

5.       Now I know the answer to this one, but many don’t: Have you ever cried in a movie?

Rachael: On screen or at the theatre?
ABMFans: Which list is shorter for you? I can already name two movies where you cried and that’s without thinking.
Rachael: …I know I cried at ‘Up’…well it’s hard to remember which movie theatre movie I cried at. I just bawled at ‘Toy Story 3,’ but I saw that on DVD – I cry at everything. Like EVERYTHING. Like commercials. ‘Love, Actually.’
ABMFans: ‘Where the Wild Things Are.’
Rachael: OH GOD I KNOW!!!! Hang on let me check my list of movies.
ABMFans: Oh Rachael.
Rachael: Any version of Romeo and Juliet. ‘Big Fish,’ ‘Edward Scissorhands,’ ‘Sense and Sensibility,’ ‘Scrooged’ and/or most Christmas Carols, ‘Willy Wonka,’ ‘Monsters Inc.’
ABMFans: ‘Muppet Christmas Carol’ included in that?
Rachael: Probably ‘Shawshank’ at some point. No I think the Marley doorknocker scene cancelled that out. ‘Pan’s Labyrinth.’ Like really I can’t get through five minutes. ‘Nemo.’ Most Pixars in fact. Anything. This could go on. Good golly.
ABMFans: I’ll remember to bring tissues when I go to a movie with you.
Rachael: Seriously dude seriously.
ABMFans: A big box.
Rachael: It’s really bad. It’s worse when I’m watching something on a plane. Then I’m just like THAT girl. Okay sorry yes that was a really long answer and not even a complete one.
ABMFans: I kind of figured it would be.

6.       What’s your superpower?

Rachael: It’s always been a toss-up between invisibility and flight. I think invisibility is probably more useful.
ABMFans: I’ve always thought that, or being able to control time.
Rachael: I was just about to say time travel! But I don’t think I could handle the responsibility.
ABMFans: I’ve given this much thought.
Rachael: It’s important!
ABMFans: But invisibility requires responsibility too.
Rachael: Breathing underwater I’m a fan of as well.
ABMFans: With great power comes great responsibility and all that.
Rachael: Not really, I always figured it was a way of escaping responsibility.
ABMFans: I’m a fan of the whole invincibility in general.
Rachael: Meh. Life’s no fun if you’re invincible.
ABMFans: Maybe, but I’d like to test that theory.
Rachael: That’s a fair conclusion to come to and I admire that impulse.

7.       Favourite cinema snack

Rachael: Twizzlers. I think. Yes. Final answer.
ABMFans: You know I have two 2lb bags courtesy of the Brooklynite.
Rachael: Aww seriously!!! I gotta hit him up for that!
ABMFans: So I approve of your answer.
Rachael: And I approve of your candy baby.

8.       What is the best sound in the world?

Rachael: Laughter.
ABMFans: Anyone’s?
Rachael: Good question. Yes, provided it isn’t mean spirited.

9.       What’s the most embarrassing DVD in your collection?

Rachael: Oh man! I think…it’s ‘The Prince and Me,’ but I’m not that embarrassed because Julia Stiles is still effing awesome. Ditto ‘Save the Last Dance.’ ‘Save the Last Dance’ might be a bit worse. Although, in my own defence, I was researching stuff for my graduation showcase, so it wasn’t like I had just really loved the movie.
ABMFans: Uh huh.
Rachael: Plus my mum bought it for me. The lady doth protest too much. Wait let me see if I have something worse. I’m gonna go with ‘Save the Last Dance’ because I still heart ‘The Prince and Me.’  Don’t judge.
ABMFans: No judgement what-so-ever.

10.    If happiness were an animal, what would it be?

Rachael: I think it might be an otter? Maybe a Joey…or a small mouse…or a pod of porpoises.
ABMFans: Porpoise, another good word. Impressed you know they’d be a pod.
Rachael: Actually not a fan of that word but I like it more than dolphin.
ABMFans: I think I like the way it feels in your mouth as you say it.

11.    Apart from family members, which one person has had the greatest influence on who you are today?

Rachael: Oh damn.
ABMFans: One.
Rachael: I…wow. Um I guess the director of my brother’s and sister’s high school musicals? He cast me in my first couple of shows when I was really young, and they were so much fun to be a part of. So, even though he was never as close to me as some other adults in my life, he probably is most responsible for what I’m up to today…Weird.
ABMFans: I find life often is when you think about how you ended up where you are.
Rachael: Right? Kinda fun!
ABMFans: Fun, and weird.
Rachael: Can hardly be one without the other.
ABMFans: Certainly not the path I’d have chosen but somehow I’m glad it is what it is.
Rachael: That’s more than most.
ABMFans: Today it is at least.

12.    Alright, the final and most important question: How do you take your tea/coffee?

Rachael: Well, now they’re different. Tea I take black. No cream, no sugar, unless it’s Chai in which case milk Chai with honey.
ABMFans: What’s your favourite kind of tea?
Rachael: Coffee, lots of milk and sugar depends on what’s accompanying it. Hmmm…Chinese tea. The kind you get at the restaurants, I think it’s Jasmine.
ABMFans: Hmmm…
Rachael: Yes. Truth my friend, truth to power.
ABMFans: American. What would you know?
Rachael: Oh go overcook something.
ABMFans: I take any well wishing I had for you in the New Year away.

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