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With her arch-nemesis, Jessy Hodges, matching her on-screen love’s score in her ABM Mastermind challenge the pressure was on Nicole Pacent to do well. There is no doubt that Nicole has a geek-pedigree and would do well pitting her Star Wars and Disney knowledge against most challengers, but just how well does she know her ABM?

1.       How does Sophie say she can tell Aster is from the city?

Sophie says Aster is… cool?? She also might say she dresses well…?

√ Correct. Half a point. She looks too cool to be from anywhere else.

2.       Why does Archibald not like to eat in the cafeteria?

Okay, I know that from an analytical stand point, he doesn’t like to eat in the cafeteria because he feels like it’s too crowded/suffocating/too much of a ‘show’/’zoo’… From an actual script stand point… I don’t know.

√ Correct. Half a point. Too many people, makes it hard to concentrate.

3.       What does Vivian say after seeing the first outfit Aster tries on before they go out to the club to meet Breck (ep1.4)?

“You’re preachin’ to the choir, here.”

√ Correct.

4.       What excuse does Vivian give to Sophie for possibly not going to Jonathan’s party?

She’s got to work on her journalism paper or something.

X The correct answer is Aster’s only in town for a couple of days.

5.       What was Sophie more interested in than the Editor she was shadowing at the New York Times?

Fashion section

X The correct answer is the architecture of the building.

6.       What is the name of the club that the girl accuses Vivian of trying to recruit her to in the first episode of Season 2?

Lesbians ‘R’ Us

X The correct answer is Dykes-R-Us Club.

7.       Why is Dr Glass surprised that Aster has a girlfriend?

Because Aster has such a cynical view of relationships.

√ Correct.

8.       Why did Vivian want to stand up and stop the movie on her date night with Aster?

The two leads were “too beautiful for human eyes.”

√ Correct.

9.       What does Vivian say to finally make Aunt Jodie understand that she and Aster are more than just friends?

“We’re gay…together.”

√ Correct. Half a point. “I’m gay. We’re gay. We’re gay together.”

10.    Finish the scene:

Elisabeth: Just don’t try and tell me I was good. I wasn’t. I bombed. I sucked up all the air in the theatre. I totally blow.

Archibald: Hey.

Elisabeth: And I don’t know what you’re doing here but don’t try and be my hero.


“Can I at least be your friend? [paraphrased]”

√ Correct.

A respectable middle-of-the-road score, but she didn’t quite manage to beat, or even match, her biggest rival. I am sure that once shooting starts again there’ll be much flaunting of the scores. However, with both Jessy and Nicole signed up for the Ultimate Mastermind Challenge we’ll see who has the last laugh.

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  2. Susan Miller says:

    Ok, Gem — why didnt you give this quiz to me?? I got them all correct!! Of course.

    • gemified says:

      Of course you did Susan…

      I’m sending out an e-mail later about The Ultimate Mastermind Challenge. Everyone answering the same 20 questions so the playing field will be even, well, more even. We’ll see who knows their ABM.

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