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ABM – Smarter than your Average Show

By Gemma Jacob

Every time I do one of these Fan Focus interviews I learn a bit more about how diverse ABM’s audience is. I haven’t spoken to a single fan whose story is the same as another’s, even the way in which we have come to find ABM is different. From those of us who were there from the beginning, to the ones who have sat up one night watching both seasons in one sitting, we all share a love for ABM. I know that a lot of people haven’t volunteered to do them, but I would hope that for those that have participated they haven’t found the process too painful. Many have said they were nervous, but there really is no need, after all, you’re the only ones that know the answers. If you can declare, ‘I want my ABM!’ then you’ve already done the hard part.

Alba is from Spain and is a student of English linguistics and hopes to graduate this year. Upon graduation she hopes to travel, including a return to the US in order to explore it more, particularly the South. She has a love of reading, eating, singing (but only in her room), and also enjoys learning new languages.

With the recent announcement that Season 3 will begin filming at the end of February the fans are waiting in eager anticipation. We all have our hopes for what will come, Alba is no different. A definite Nicole/Aster fan, let’s hope S3 doesn’t bring too much heartbreak.

ABMFans: So how did you first come to know about ABM?

Alba: I was watching some South of Nowhere videos on YouTube and someone commented about it so I went to see what it was. I was having a rough time, so I wasn’t sleeping much.

ABMFans: When was this?

Alba: Not too long ago, late August more or less.

ABMFans: Oh okay, so Season Two had already finished?

Alba: Yes, I watched all both season that same night.

ABMFans: What did you think of how S2 ended?

Alba: I didn’t like it. No. It was hard to see Vivian and Sophie kissing, but then Aster had to go and do that!

ABMFans: Tell me about it.

Alba: I think it all was Sophie’s fault! Because, what Aster did, it was in impulse just to get back at Vivian and because she wasn’t thinking, but Vivian and Sophie kissed because they wanted to, the both of them. They made Aster do that. I was angry at the writters, to be honest lol.

ABMFans: Well, they know how I feel about it, but I think they did it because they needed to progress the story and it certainly got people talking.

Alba: Sure, I know.

ABMFans: I trust them to do the right thing.

Alba: And life is not always happy and easy. I know, and they’re in high school and it’s a drama!

ABMFans: Exactly. What do you feel about the Archibald and Elisabeth storyline?

Alba: I know all that, but it was sad to see, anyway. I love them; he’s so cute – even for a boy. And I hated the Prozac thing…They’re cute together.

ABMFans: They really are. How excited are you about Season 3? Which stories are you most excited about?

Alba: I am so exited! I read on Susan’s Twitter they’re gonna start shooting soon.

ABMFans: Yes next month.

Alba: I want to see what happens with Aster and Vivian, obviously. And I want to see Amy on Season 3, too!

ABMFans: Hmm, but not kissing Aster right?

Alba: NO! Kissing Sophie! This way, Vivian won’t be kissing Sophie, either. I would love to know more about Gabe and Aunt Jodie, they’re gonna end up together.

ABMFans: You think so? Aunt Jodie’s pretty mad about Gabe not telling her about Vivian.

Alba: I know, but she’ll understand. It was Vivian’s choice and she knows it. She was the last to know and she felt betrayed. I guess she felt stupid at first that she didn’t know and then mad at him, like he did not trust her. I’m sure she’ll come to terms. I would love Aster and Aunt Jodie to have a cool relationship since Aster is pretty much alone.

ABMFans: I think Aunt Jodie could be a good parental figure for Aster, if she ever gets the chance.

Alba: Vivian has this great relationship with her dad…yes, that would be nice to see.

ABMFans: Do you think the diversity of the characters is part of the reason why ABM is so popular?

Alba: I definitely think so, yes. Because anyone can relate to someone in the show or the relationships they have among them.

ABMFans: Which character, if any, do you identify with most?

Alba: Maybe Vivian, she’s the quiet one and her father is super supportive, like, in a natural way, just like my parents are. I’ve been in a Long-distance relationship, too. Longer than theirs!

ABMFans: Yeah, 30 minutes on a train isn’t what I’d call long-distance. But I guess if you’re 16 it can seem like a world away.

Alba: I love the way it’s treated, like the big problem is not that they are two girls, it could have been a boy-girl relationship. I mean the being apart problem, on the first season.

ABMFans: I think that’s what a lot of people love about the show, it’s about the relationship between Vivian and Aster, it doesn’t matter that they’re both girls. It’s about the problems you face as a person.

Alba: That’s exactly right

ABMFans: After the first episode, what made you keep watching?

Alba: Nicole Pacent. Lol. No. Everything. But, seriously, the first scene, Rachael’s voice is ♥. And the lights, the lines, I really think it’s an amazing show. Like, GOOD. Criticamente bueno, I’d say in Spanish. Gabe didn’t react to the kiss, that almost made me cry. I cry easily…

ABMFans: Have you cried at any other scenes in ABM?

Alba: Pfff. LOTS of them.

ABMFans: What’s your favourite episode? Or scene?

Alba: Whoa that’s hard to say. I loved ‘Vivian & Aster’ obviously, and ‘The Note,’ both parts. ‘Girl Talk.’ I love Liza Weil.

ABMFans: So the Aster episodes?

Alba: Okay, you got me. I didn’t even think about that, but yes.

ABMFans: Uh huh. Your least favourite?

Alba: ‘Quickly, to the exits.’ It seems shorter than the others, like, weaker.

ABMFans: Not much story? I think it was shorter because they made the first episode longer than usual.

Alba: Yes, that’s it. Yes, I read about it.

ABMFans: But it introduced sterns as a much more likeable character than he was in S1. What do you think about the whole Sterns-Vivian storyline?

Alba: That it was very difficult to shoot the first episode. Poor thing. He’s so cool. The pizza part in ‘Date Night’ was really cool. Guys are really like that.

ABMFans: Yes, some are. Good writing.

Alba: I really think they should make longer episodes so we can know about all those characters.

ABMFans: I’m sure they would like to but it’s a financial thing.

Alba: I know.

ABMFans: There’s a quality to ABM that they need to maintain.

Alba: I know, I understand.

ABMFans: How does ABM compare to any other shows that you watch, online or on TV?

Alba: I don’t know exactly why, I became like obsessed about it. I mean, I know why. But it’s real. It could happen anywhere, and the writing is so smart. They talk like real people, teenagers, and well, again, Nicole Pacent is on it. I see lots of series.

ABMFans: Guessing you’re a Nicole fan. What else do you watch?

Alba: Grey’s Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters, all those family dramas. But my favourite ever was Friends, The L Word, South of Nowhere. But, see, South of Nowhere was really cool, but too childish. I know ABM is a teen’s series, too, but I think it’s smarter.

ABMFans: It doesn’t talk down to people?

Alba: And it’s real, not as dramatic.

ABMFans: Unbelievably dramatic you mean, because there’s lots of drama.

Alba: Yes, but it’s different. No shooting or pregnant teens kind of drama.

ABMFans: Why do you think ABM has been so popular around the world with so many different types of people?

Alba: It’s easy to relate to and easy to understand. There are lots of things left out, and still you manage to understand the relationships, the characters. I’ve been talking about it with a friend of mine, she’s straight.

ABMFans: Have you got her to watch it?

Alba: I know she will love it, too. Not yet. I mean, I don’t think you need to be gay or bi to like it because, even if it is the central theme of the series, there’s a lot more and I got some other friends of mine to watch it, and my ex.

ABMFans: What did they think of it?

Alba: They loved it. One of them in particular.

ABMFans: Did they give you any other feedback?

Alba: Well, my ex loved it. She preferred Vivian. But she didn’t obsess about it, like I did.

ABMFans: Well I can’t argue with someone liking Vivian.

Alba: I like her! Don’t get me wrong, and I LOVE Rachael. But well…

ABMFans: Well what? What’s not to love about her?

Alba: I prefer Nicole. I think I like the Vivian character better.

ABMFans: Than Aster?

Alba: Well…I don’t know. I mean, I don’t really like impulsive, crazy people.

ABMFans: Aster does have her moments.

Alba: Vivian is smart, loves to write. But then again, Aster is Nicole.

If you want to be part of a future FanFocus just drop us a message in the Forum and we’ll get in touch. We want to get to know our fellow ABM Fans! We promise to make it as painless as possible :).

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  1. Susan Miller says:

    Terrific interview with Alba! I love hearing what the fans have to say and how they feel. Even when they are hating on us for putting their favorite ABM characters in pain!

    Thanks for the love.


    • gemified says:

      Are you going to show us some love in S3 and stop putting us and our favourite characters through pain?

      Pretty please.

      I know your schedule’s crazy, thank you for taking the time out to check the update. Means a lot.

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