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Knowing who her former classmate was, I was eager to see if Alexis Slade was as studious, and as much of a geek. Having already spent time chatting with her I knew her placing on the leader board would not affect her standing on my list of favourite ABMers. Eager to start, despite not having studied, we sat Alexis down in the chair that strikes fear into the heart of most ABMers.

1.        What is Vivian’s first text to Aster from Westchester?

Miss you.

√ Correct. ‘I miss u!’

2.       What is the book that Vivian says she wouldn’t read twice?

Pride and Prejudice. I dunno.

X The correct answer is Moby Dick.

3.       What does Breck tell Aster to get him when she asks if he wants a drink at the club?

Alexis: Vodka. Oh god. I don’t even remember when some of this stuff was said. I told you I’d suck.

ABMFans: Okay we’ll go with your first answer. Well you haven’t got zero.

Alexis: Oh that’s good!

X The correct answer is, “Grab whatever’s potent!”

4.       Why does Aster want to go to Jonathan’s party?

She wants Vivian to introduce her to her new friends.

√ Correct.

5.       Where does Aster tell Breck there’s a cooler show?

Vivian’s house.

X The correct answer is Chelsea.

6.       Who interrupts Vivian’s first daydream in the first episode of Season Two?


√ Correct.

7.       For what does Archibald say Vivian has been properly “fitted for” when she’s wearing her Clarence Phys Ed t-shirt?

Clarence High…like to fit in?

X The correct answer is humiliation.

8.       What does Vivian tell Aster she is “totally turned on” by in the episode ‘Date Night’?

Being out with her.

X The correct answer is a person’s flaws.

9.       What reason does Vivian give Aster for her decision to come out to Aunt Jodie?

She thinks she’s catching on anyway and they’ll be able to see each other more often.

X The correct answer is Sophie called her out on the comic strip after reading it.

10.    Finish this scene:

Vivian: Why didn’t you call me? It’s like you just blew me off.

Aster: That was me being an asshole. I don’t know what I was waiting for. I felt cut off. I didn’t know what I would say to you.

Vivian: Anything! You could’ve said anything!

Aster: I do better in person! I wasn’t thinking how hard this is for you. I’m sorry Baby.

Vivian: You’re not off the hook yet.

(Aster holds up a flower)

Vivian: Get over here and kiss me you fool. Lol…no clue.

X The correct answer is, Vivian: How did I get so lucky?

Alexis: I did horribly :(.

ABMFans: Let’s see…you’re not last.

Alexis: Yay! Susan’s last.

ABMFans: Lol no Mitch is last.

Alexis: Oh! Haha poor Mitch.

ABMFans: But Susan is a lot lower than I thought she would be. Someone’s got to bring up the rear.

Alexis: What did I get…do I get to find out? Or I have to go on the site?

ABMFans: You have to wait till it’s posted.

Alexis: Ah!!! Okay. That was tough! *phew*

ABMFans: You should see the Ultimate Mastermind. I took Nicole through it last night, there was LOTS of cursing going on.

Alexis: Oh god. I bet!

ABMFans: I thought Rach cursed like a sailor, but let’s say if Aster and Vivian cursed like those two and had kids oh boy! I’d have to cover that kid’s ears permanently.

Alexis: Lol, oh no! Potty mouths!

ABMFans: Serious.

With a score of only 3, Alexis won’t be topping the actual leader board any time soon. However, she was graceful in defeat and was, as always, an absolute pleasure to talk to.


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