gemified | March 1st, 2011 - 12:00 am

We all know that the ABM team are more than capable of winning their own trophies, most recently of course a second Indie Soap Award in Outstanding for Tina Cesa Ward and Susan Miller. Not to mention that little win they go for the first ever Writers Guild Award for Outstanding Achievement in Writing Original New Media. However, the winner of the most coveted price is still to be decided…who will be The Anyone But Me Ultimate Mastermind Challenge Champion?

Though the ABM Fans have managed to best a few ABMers in their individual Mastermind rounds we are yet to surpass the score of the current Mastermind Champion, Tina Cesa Ward herself. I know that Tina is writer, director, and editor but we are the FANS! From talking to some of you I know that you know ABM backwards, forwards and sideways. Some of you know things I don’t even know. I have every faith that one of you will be able to claim the ABM UMC Champion title.

We know that with the run up to Season 3 that many fans will be re-watching S1 and S2 so now would be the perfect time to capitalise on the repeated viewing. Also, not knowing what happens in S3 could for once be at our advantage. With less to get confused over it is yet another advantage we have over the ABM team.

The ABM team have stepped up to the plate and put forward their challengers. The competitive streaks within them have them studying for this test, they are not taking the challenge lightly and neither should you. They have made the mistake of thinking the challenge comes from within their own team and not the ranks of the ABM fans. I trust that you will prove them wrong.

Registration for ABM fans to enter the ABM UMC is now officially open. I know that many of you have already expressed your interest since the first announcement was made but if you could please visit the Forum to register. All you have to do is comment on the thread and you will receive future announcements about the contest directly.

For all those that enter, you will receive a little ABM something for your participation. Of course, those who score the highest will not only be in with the chance to gain the tile but will also win ABM prizes. There will be more news on what these will be in the coming weeks once they have been finalised.

We realise that many of you would like to participate but aren’t confident of your ABM knowledge (which is silly because you’ve already made the cut by simply being an ABM fan!). So there will also be an announcement made soon about how you can take part and also be in with the chance to win prizes.

So what are you waiting for ABM fans? Sign up! Sign up! Sign up! We want YOU to prove just how much we know our ABM!

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