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Sitting high in joint second place on the scoreboard with ABM’s super-geek, one could perhaps forgive Jessy ‘Heartbreaker’ Hodges for not studying for the ABM Ultimate Mastermind Challenge. However, even with all the answers I would have studied. Still, Jessy managed to place highly last time even without studying; perhaps this tactic would work for ABM’s resident heartbreaker.

With coffee flowing through her veins it was time for Jessy to sit once again, uncomfortably no doubt, in the Mastermind chair. Joining her in the ring would be ABM fan, Shiran Farbman, who over the months has proved herself a fount of ABM knowledge, and a more than worthy opponent. Having studied up on her ABM, and determined to get her hands on some prizes, she happily stepped up to the challenge.

Will the studying or lack of studying prove the winning strategy? In the ultimate test, just how well does anyone know their ABM?

1.        What were the first lines of the premiere episode?

Jessy: Whoa okay hold on. They’re at Battery Park right?!
ABMFans: Yup. Vivian and Aster.
Jessy: I could totally cheat right now, but I won’t. Okay I don’t know. Sh*t.
ABMFans: Next question?
Jessy: Oh god. Yes.

Shiran: We went down to Battery Park! Or umm…more than that?
ABMFans: Yup a little more…
Shiran: I remember “she looked amazing” and then I blank.

Jessy: Incorrect.
Shiran: Correct. Half a point.

2.        How many episodes have Susan Miller and Tina Cesa Ward co-written?

Jessy: 18.

Shiran: Oh my god. That is evil!
ABMFans: I told you, it’s hard.
Shiran: I’m gonna completely guess on that one.
ABMFans: Most people do.
Shiran: I’ll go with 14. No, 16? I don’t know! 14.
ABMFans: You sure?
Shiran: No. But I’ll go with 14 anyway.

Jessy: Incorrect.
Shiran: Incorrect.

3.        Which class is Vivian trying to find when she first meets Archibald?

Jessy: Journalism.

Shiran: Hmm they’re studying Moby Dick, I remember that. So it’s something literary. American Literature…? Something like that I guess.

Jessy: Incorrect.
Shiran: Correct.

4.        What state is Aster’s fake driver’s licence from?

Jessy: Oh my god these are hard.
ABMFans: This is why I said to study!
Jessy: North Carolina.

Shiran: Wow.
ABMFans: Some people actually know this.
Shiran: I remember I specifically looked at that! But now nothing comes up.
ABMFans: Well, one person knows this so far.
Shiran: I think it’s Michigan…?
ABMFans: Final answer?
Shiran: Yeah I’ll go with that.

Jessy: Incorrect.
Shiran: Incorrect.

5.        What are the directions Vivian gives Archibald to get to The Public Theatre?

Jessy: Take the train to 8th street. The yellow line.
ABMFans: Which train…?
Jessy: N, Q, R, W.
ABMFans: You NYers and your colours. Pick one.
Jessy: R. I just know how to get there.
ABMFans: That’s how your competitor figured it out too. And what direction would that be…
Jessy: No but I remember her saying that. Downtown.
ABMFans: Put it all together…
Jessy: Take the downtown R to 8th street.
Jessy: The first line question is on the tip of my tongue!
ABMFans: Okay keep thinking, you can come back to it. Or do you want me to stop questioning you whilst you coax it out? Vivian, Aster, Battery Park, there’s a foghorn and then…line:
Jessy: It’s something like, “I wish we could stay like this forever.”
ABMFans: There’s a bit before it.
Jessy: Is it voiceover?
ABMFans: Yes.
Jessy: Damn it! Ugh I don’t know. Let’s move on. I’ll keep thinking.

Shiran: Take the 8 somewhere. Umm 3 stops? Just guessing here.
ABMFans: Any further guesses?
Shiran: There’s more? Arrgh!
ABMFans: You can go with that if you like.
Shiran: I dunno. I just remember she said to call her if he gets lost.
ABMFans: Yes she does.
Shiran: Maybe take the R train? I haven’t been to the Public for a long time. Wait. Take the R to 8th maybe. Because I remember R and 8 from some reason.

Jessy: Correct.
Shiran: Correct. Half a point.

6.        Sophie lists five artists on her playlist. Name three of them:

Jessy: In the interludes?
ABMFans: Yup.
Jessy: Aretha Franklin, Tom Waits, Lady GaGa.

Shiran: I have to know that. Lady GaGa. Sarah McLachlan. I think Tom Waits was there.
ABMFans: Happy with those choices?
Shiran: I’m not a 100 percent about Tom Waits but since I can’t come up with anything else I’ll go with that.

Jessy: Correct.
Shiran: Correct.

7.        On what days does Elisabeth listen to Lauryn Hill’s ‘That Thing’?

ABMFans: Same interlude.
Jessy: Hard days? (Funny tid bit – I’m listening to Lauryn Hill right now)

Shiran: Days she feels too ordinary! Yeah! I want that damn DVD!

Jessy: Incorrect.
Shiran: Correct.

8.        What is the name of the teacher whose class Aster does a video essay for?

Jessy: Not gonna get that. Ha, I won’t even try.

Shiran: Ooh damn! I haven’t watched that for a loooong time. No idea.
ABMFans: See, should’ve been an Aster fan.
Shiran: But since I’m a Sophie fan I remember her artists, so…
ABMFans: True, it evens out.

Jessy: Incorrect.
Shiran: Incorrect.

9.        Who are Vivian and Sophie playing in the run through of ‘The Seagull’ in the Season 2 finale?

Jessy: Nina and Trigorin.

Shiran: Okay I know Sophie is Nina and I have no idea how to spell his name but Vivian is Trevorn or something similar.

Jessy: Correct.
Shiran: Correct. Half a point.

10.        If Vivian is the “fierce lesbian journalist”, what is Archibald?

Jessy: The something comic book dude.

Shiran: Black dude with super drawing powers!
ABMFans: Damn. I think you’re in with a shot at that DVD!
Shiran: I told you I studied! You have no idea how many times I watch every second of every episode to caption it.
ABMFans: It might have helped…

Jessy: Incorrect.
Shiran: Correct.

11.        At which intersection is Aster standing at when she calls Vivian at the start of episode 2 of Season?

Jessy: Oy, I feel like it’s Union Square.
ABMFans: Think more uptown, like really uptown.
Jessy: Harlem. Oohh yeah. Lke 125th and something? Broadway.
ABMFans: More east…
Jessy: Haha and Lexington!

Shiran: I just remember there was a Martin Luther Kking sign. I’m not even sure it was the street but it was there.
ABMFans: And what would that street be called if it was Martin Luther King Jr…?
Shiran: Martin Luther King Jr street?
ABMFans: Not quite.
Shiran: Luther King Street. I dunno.

Jessy: Correct.
Shiran: Incorrect.

12.        What poster is on the wall of Aunt Jodie’s office?

Jessy: Sh*t. God Gemma, relentless. Something embarrassing.
ABMFans: Hey you’re doing pretty well so far…Think cool British bands…
Jessy: Yeah like The Who or something.
ABMFans: Right genre, wrong era.
Jessy: Um The Strokes? Okay I suck. Moving on.

Shiran: The Smithssssssssssssssssss.

Jessy: Incorrect.
Shiran: Correct.

13.        Which fire station company was Gabe with when he was a fire fighter?

Jessy: I mean definitely lower Manhattan.
ABMFans: It’s a number.
Jessy: I feel like it was the 13th division or something, or maybe this is just question number 13.
ABMFans: Final answer?
Jessy: 22nd. I’m just making stuff up. I’m trying to go with my gut here.

Shiran: Is there a number?
ABMFans: Yup, it’s a number.
Shiran: I think it was fifty something. I’ll go with 59.

Jessy: Incorrect.
Shiran: Incorrect.

14.        Which homeroom are Vivian, Elisabeth, and Sophie in?

Jessy: Like who is the teacher?
ABMFans: Yeah.
Jessy: Ms.
ABMFans: Yup, right gender…
Jessy: Sh*t what is her name?
ABMFans: I can’t help you that much!
Jessy: I feel like it starts with a ‘B.’
ABMFans: Your feeling would be wrong…
Jessy: Great. G? Ha ha.
ABMFans: Nope.
Jessy: Ahhhh, okay let’s come back to this one, because I’m going to get it.

Shiran: Oh god. They kept saying she’s in Sophie’s homeroom.
ABMFans: It’s not the teacher that took them on the NY Times field trip.
Shiran: Yeah I figured it wouldn’t be that easy.
ABMFans: In case that’s what you’re thinking, that’s where Jessy went wrong.
Shiran: Jessy got this wrong! Now I feel a little better.
ABMFans: She spent a lot of time guessing the wrong answer.
Shiran: He he. They said Sophie’s homeroom. I have no idea.

Jessy: Incorrect.
Shiran: Incorrect.

15.        In which episode does ABM’s intern, Meredith King, make a cameo appearance?

Jessy: Walking out the door during the fire drill.
ABMFans: Actually, that’s the same episode as when they say what the homeroom is.
Jessy: I know she says, “Ladies.”
ABMFans: Nope, no line. At least not in the final cut, maybe Tina edited it out.
Jessy: While Elisabeth and I are talking! We get in trouble and you hear her voice say, “Ladies!” …Right??
ABMFans: Was that her? I thought that was the teacher.
Jessy: Yes the teacher, oh you thought I was talking about Meredith.
ABMFans: Yes!
Jessy: Ha ha I can’t wait for Meredith to have a line.
ABMFans: It’s gonna be awesome.
Jessy: I still need to think on her name.
ABMFans: And Meredith’s appearance?
Jessy: Oh sh*t I was wrong? That’s not the right episode?
ABMFans: I need an episode number or name.
Jessy: Ohhh Season 2.
ABMFans: Episode…
Jessy: Episode 3, ahhh or 2.
ABMFans: I wouldn’t go with your first instinct…
Jessy: Two!

Shiran: The same episode!
ABMFans: Yup, but which one?
Shiran: It’s…Season 2 I know. Episode 2! Yeah! Cause Viv talks to Sophie about the kiss but it’s not episode one because it’s the dream ep.
ABMFans: Good logical thinking there.

Jessy: Correct.
Shiran: Correct.

16.        What is the name of the taxi company Aunt Jodie uses in her role playing exercise with Gabe to help him in his job applications?

Jessy: Like Sunshine Taxi or something. I’m not going to get it.
ABMFans: Have more faith in yourself!

Shiran: What is wrong with you?!
ABMFans: I never ONCE said this was easy.
Shiran: I remember it’s his first day, rush hour… blah blah.
ABMFans: Yup that’s the conversation.
Shiran: Absolutely no idea. I want a clue.
ABMFans: That was the clue, you got the right episode.
Shiran: Damn you. There’s no way I’ll guess this one right.
ABMFans: Alright, next question.

Jessy: Correct.
Shiran: Incorrect.

17.        How old was Vivian when Sophie was “a part of her confusion?”

Jessy: I feel like she says she was young. But you want a number, Gemma, you dictator.
ABMFans: Yes, an age in years. You don’t have to say months.
Jessy: 11.

Shiran: 12 or 11. Hmm.
ABMFans: Which one are you leaning more towards?
Shiran: I’ll go with 12. God, I watched that last night!

Jessy: Incorrect.
Shiran: Correct.

18.        What song does Rachael Hip-Flores sing in the ‘ABM: By Request’ video for the web-a-thon?

Jessy: Te Quiero Mucho? No that’s not right, it’s just the only Spanish song I know.
ABMFans: At least I know what that translates to, I have no idea with this one.
Jessy: Onwards and upwards.

Shiran: Hmm. I know it’s about frogs. In Spanish.
ABMFans: Really? I need to translate the title.
Shiran: Yeah, about frogs dancing or something like that. There’s “baila” in there, cause that means dance. That’s kinda all the Spanish I remember.
ABMFans: That’s more than I know.
Shiran: Every girl in Israel knows Spanish. South American soap operas for kids are really popular here.
ABMFans: Knowledge comes from all sorts of sources!

Jessy: Incorrect.
Shiran: Incorrect.

19.        How many episodes do not have the theme song playing over the end credits?

Jessy: Ooh like two.

Shiran: That’s just effing mean.
ABMFans: ULTIMATE Mastermind.
Shiran: I know the 4th one doesn’t.
ABMFans: That’s very true.
Shiran: That’s Kate Micucci’s song. I’ll just guess four. Sounds appropriate.

Jessy: Incorrect.
Shiran: Incorrect.

20.          Pick a number from one to twenty (that’s not the question).

Jessy: 11. That’s my lucky number.
ABMFans: We’ll see. So episode 11, what was it called? So episode one of Season 2.
Jessy: Which reminds me, the episode whose number I was trying to remember before is called “To the Exits.” I totally forgot I could say the name.
ABMFans: Mostly correct.
Jessy: Ha sh*t. God Season 2 episode one is the biggest episode ever. It’s the fantasy episode. I should know this.
ABMFans: Yup. You’re in it a fair bit.
Jessy: I feel like it’s called new beginnings or something like that. Ugh.
ABMFans: Maybe think of a Coca-Cola campaign…
Jessy: I’m loving it. That’s McDonald’s. Ha ha!
ABMFans: There was a song. It was an 80s power ballad.
Jessy: ‘Can’t Beat the Feeling’ or ‘Life is Good’ or somethinggggg…
ABMFans: Maybe you’re too young for that clue, but then they tend to recycle their ad campaigns.

Shiran: Two.
ABMFans: What was the name of that episode?
Shiran: I knew you’d do that. But I just thought about it after I chose the number. Damn it.
ABMFans: So, Season 1, episode 2. What’s it called?
Shiran: It’s something about meeting new people. There’s “alliances” in there.
ABMFans: Put it together and take a bit out…
Shiran: New alliances? New alliance?
ABMFans: And you’re done!

Jessy: Incorrect.
Shiran: Correct.

Jessy: Umm that teachers name is driving me nuts. Ms Winters!!!! Kjfnafadfasldjfajsnkudyiemr. It just came to me like a gift from god.
ABMFans: No.
Jessy: F*ck. That’s the wrong teacher?
ABMFans: I thought you might say that, yeah that’s your journalism teacher who I believe says, “Ladies.” But she’s not your homeroom teacher.
Jessy: That’s whose name I’ve been trying to think of this whole time! Did I say I’d come back to anything else?
ABMFans: I don’t think Sophie ever says it, just Vivian and Jonathan. First lines of the first episode.
Jessy: I keep wanting to say that voiceover line, “(However much time) till Aster.” And that amount of time was a question I got wrong before! I don’t know it. I give up.
ABMFans: No luck with the teacher either?
Jessy: Nope. I refuse to cheat.
ABMFans: Good for you! Okay, it’s over, you can breathe again.
Jessy: Wooooossshhh. That was my sigh of relief.

Jessy doesn’t score as many correct answers she did in the original Mastermind, however the questions were significantly more difficult. However, they don’t appear to have been a problem for Shiran who has won this round for the fans! Whether it is enough for either Jessy or Shiran to win the prizes is yet to be seen…

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