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A geek by all of the coolest definitions, Nicole Pacent had made sure she had prepared for her next stint in the ABM Mastermind Chair. She understood what the Ultimate Challenge meant. Of course, I can’t say that she necessarily studied the right material, but that would be too easy if I’d told them what they actually had to study.

Before her confidence eluded her, The Broadway Belter was eager to get started and hoped that her hours (perhaps) of study would show her fellow ABMers that she was in it to win it. Trying to hold her own against Nicole was ABMFans’ very own Tricia Richards. With the pressure of representing the site Tricia had gone with the unorthodox method of not actually studying. Had the ABM knowledge seeped in enough to her psyche that she no longer needed to revisit the material? We shall see.

The roles are reversed this round with the ABMer holding the events of two seasons of ABM fresh in their memory and the challenger not. In the ultimate test, would an ABMer or an ABM fan know more of their ABM?

1. What were the first lines of the premiere episode?

Nicole: [lights dim, spotlight up on NICOLE looking concerned.]
ABMFans: It wasn’t your line, but you probably know that much.
Nicole: Let’s see…it was Viv’s line – a voice over – and it was something like, “We were in Battery Park, it was a perfect day, and she looked…beautiful.” Except I’m 99% sure that was the second line, and the first was some hypothetical question to the audience about tough moments in life or something. (Queen of specificity over here).
ABMFans: Um I didn’t say this but I’d go with your 1%.
Nicole: Sweeeeeeet!!!!!!

Tricia: Ooh give me a minute, I know this one.
ABMFans: Take your time…There’s a foghorn, and then line:
Tricia: “She looked beautiful.” Something like that?
ABMFans: Something like that, there’s a bit before.
Tricia Richards: Ughhhhhhh foghorn. Then. Something about Battery Park? I know they’re in Battery Park. Final answer: We went to Battery Park. She looked beautiful.
ABMFans: Close enough, for half a point I think.

Nicole: Incorrect.
Tricia: Correct. Half a point (barely).

2. How many episodes have Susan Miller and Tina Cesa Ward co-written?

Nicole: Oh sh*t.
ABMFans: See, it’s harder.
Nicole: Of the 19…they have co-written…14.

Tricia: Blah! Ha ha. Wah? Final answer: 7?

Nicole: Incorrect.
Tricia: Incorrect.

3. Which class is Vivian trying to find when she first meets Archibald?

Nicole: F*ck if I know. History. Sure, why not?

Tricia: American History. NO. Journalism. Crap. Let me think. She’s like, “I’m pretty sure I’m not signed up for boys’ gym.” And then says what class she’s trying to find. Some sort of Lit class?
ABMFans: And what kind of Lit do you guys study?
Tricia: English Lit?
ABMFans: Nope…
Tricia Richards: World Lit?
ABMFans: Think more like you specifically.
Tricia: AMERICAN LIT! Not American History.
ABMFans: Woo hoo!
Tricia: I knew there was American in there somewhere!

Nicole: Incorrect.
Tricia: Correct.

4. What state is Aster’s fake driver’s licence from?

Nicole: MONTANA! I still have that sh*t!
ABMFans: Holy crap. Impressive Ms. Pacent! I bet you’re the only one who gets that, not that I’m saying you got it right or anything. Well done.
Nicole: I was just thinking, “Yeah, watch those clowns try to remember THAT!” 😉
ABMFans: They won’t, they really won’t. You may have to get a prize just for that. In fact, if no one else gets it – you WILL get a prize!
Nicole: YES! I’m holding you to that. I have it in writing (always keep a paper trail).
ABMFans: You have my word.

Tricia: Florida.
ABMFans: Nicole knew the answer to this.
Tricia: Florida’s wrong, isn’t it?
ABMFans: It’s not right.
Tricia: Montana?
ABMFans: Stop guessing.

Nicole: Correct.
Tricia: Correct.

5. What are the directions Vivian gives Archibald to get to The Public Theatre?

Nicole: Take the 6 down to Astor Place (the green line). Or take the yellow line to 8th street.
ABMFans: Is that based on your knowledge of the NY subway system rather than your knowledge of Rachael’s lines? Which yellow line?
Nicole: The yellow line is the N, R, Q, W.
ABMFans: You may want to pick one.
Nicole: But I’m wracking my brain for the actual lines (as this is part and parcel knowledge of the subway and line recollection)…the R.
ABMFans: And if you were giving directions to someone you would say…
Nicole: From where they were (roughly 42nd and 9th), I’d say take the R to 8th St from Times Square OR (if they felt like hanging out on the subway for a tad longer) take the shuttle to Grand Central, transfer to the 6, and get off at Astor Place.
ABMFans: Okay final answer, and I would go with the speedier route here…
Nicole: (So I thought) The R to 8th St.

Tricia: She tells him to take a subway downtown or something. I don’t know what street it was.

Nicole: Correct.
Tricia: Incorrect.

6. Sophie lists five artists on her playlist. Name three of them:

Nicole: Tom Waits. Sarah McLachlan…?
ABMFans: One more.
Nicole: And something else either bohemian or hipster-y… (because that’s what Jessy is).
ABMFans: Not so much. Not Jessy, the remaining songs I mean. Well, artists.
Nicole: Beyonce, even though a Beyonce song is on Aster’s playlist I still feel like Sophie said her so I’ll stick to it.

Tricia: Whoa! Yeah, this is not a question I’m going to be able to answer. I can’t even recall this particular scene.
ABMFans: It was one of the interludes, if that helps.
Tricia: Yeah, I figured, but still not going to get it. I could totally tell you all about Aster’s censorship essay though!
ABMFans: That may come in handy later…

Nicole: Correct. Half a point.
Tricia: Incorrect.

7. On what days does Elisabeth listen to Lauryn Hill’s ‘That Thing’?

Nicole: Ha ha oh f*ck. You know this wasn’t an episode, right? It was an ‘interlude.’
ABMFans: I know.
Nicole: I didn’t think they were in the study material (so I’m sticking my tongue out at you now).
ABMFans: The playlist wasn’t an episode either.
I know same interlude…Alright alright. Ummm. On days when she’s feeling…sad? Like, as a kind of pick-me-up? Final answer because I have no earthly clue.

Tricia: Gloomy days? Rainy days? I’m going to go with rainy days.

Nicole: Incorrect.
Tricia: Incorrect.

8. What is the name of the teacher whose class Aster does a video essay for?

ABMFans: If you can get the licence question you can get this one.
Nicole: You give me too much credit!
ABMFans: Come on, you know this.
Nicole: I’ll let you in on a little secret – I know the license because have a photographic memory. Little known fact about me, but very true.
ABMFans: Very handy thing to have. That may not help you with the rest of the questions though.
Nicole: It is. you’d think I’d speak fluent French after 6 years with that text book, though, and I don’t, simply because I didn’t care enough, so it all just comes back down to effort, anyway.
ABMFans: But you got Montana! And that will most likely win you a prize :).
Nicole: Yeeeeaaaahhhh! Alright, so the teacher? Give me a sec…
ABMFans: Take your time.
Nicole: It was a Mr. That is my final answer.
ABMFans: Well done on the correct gender.
Nicole: I try ;).

Tricia: Ummmmmmmm. It’s a first name…
ABMFans: It’s both.
Tricia: I’m 60%  sure its Ed. Or Eddy. Some form of Edward. I think it was Ed, because I’m pretty sure I found it hilarious since I’ve never met anyone who actually calls themselves Ed.

Nicole: Incorrect.
Tricia: Correct. Half a point.

9. Who are Vivian and Sophie playing in the run through of ‘The Seagull’ in the Season 2 finale?

Nicole: Pshhhhhhhhh.
ABMFans: I expect you to know this.
Nicole: Woman, you know that’s my favourite play in the world, right? I could recite it in my sleep.
ABMFans: That’s why.
Nicole: Played Nina twice. Viv was playing Trigorin and Sophie was playing Nina.

Tricia: Oh god, I even read this play in World Lit.
ABMFans: You know the answer…just take your time.
Tricia: One of them is Nina. Right?
ABMFans: Yup.
Tricia: Okay so Sophie was Nina and I can’t for the life of me remember who the other one was. It was a boy!
ABMFans: Yes it was a boy, you joker.

Nicole: Correct.
Tricia: Correct. Half a point.

10. If Vivian is the “fierce lesbian journalist”, what is Archibald?

ABMFans: I expect you not to know this one.
Nicole: Black ___ dude. Give me a sec.
ABMFans: Take out the word in the middle and you’ve got the first part.
Nicole: Wait, so it’s black dude ___
ABMFans: I’m not saying no.
Nicole: Hmm black duuude…superhero. I don’t know. But I’m going with that.

Tricia: A cartoon drawing super dude?
ABMFans: That’s pretty close. Believe it or not!

Nicole: Incorrect.
Tricia: Incorrect.

11. At which intersection is Aster standing at when she calls Vivian at the start of episode 2 of Season 1?

Nicole: I remember it well ;). And you mean the real one, right?
ABMFans: Yes.
Nicole: 125th and Lex(ington).
ABMFans: Don’t worry, I speak NY ;).

Tricia: She’s about to get on a train to see Vivian because she’s bored of that that route. “There’s this other train I’ve discovered…it takes you further north!” Ughh. I don’t know.
ABMFans: Oh man that’s the exact scene. Okay, moving on…

Nicole: Correct.
Tricia: Incorrect.

12. What poster is on the wall of Aunt Jodie’s office?

Nicole: Oh Christ on a cracker.
ABMFans: Very nice expression there.
Nicole: I agree. I use it whenever possible. It’s gotta be one of Susan’s play posters. Like “Mon Sein Gauche,” which was on Viv’s wall.
ABMFans: Wow you pay attention.
Nicole: Told ya ;). Photographic memory, dude.
ABMFans: But you’re going down the wrong path…
Nicole: Crap. Yeah, I didn’t watch that episode again, so I’m in the sh*tter here. Oh WAIT. It was a band! A cool band!
ABMFans: Warmer.
Nicole: Fans kept commenting on it! Not Tegan and Sara ;). Um dude, I’m so stuck. Oh what the hell, the Sex Pistols. Final answer.

Tricia: The Goonies?
ABMFans: Now that would be awesome! However, Aunt Jodie is a different sort of cool.

Nicole: Incorrect.
Tricia: Incorrect.

13. Which engine company was Gabe with when he was a fire fighter?

Nicole: What station number, you mean?
ABMFans: Yup.
Nicole: One. I have a very little idea of this is correct, but whatever. My first instinct was to with something with 9 in it, but I think that’s because I have a bias towards the number 9.
ABMFans: One of my favourite numbers, but don’t go with it.

Tricia: Dang, couldn’t it be something easy like “What is Gabe’s profession?”
ABMFans: Ultimate! Pick a number. Any number.
Tricia Richards: 10.
ABMFans: Damn good guess!

Nicole: Incorrect.
Tricia: Correct.

14. Which homeroom are Vivian, Elisabeth, and Sophie in?

Nicole: Like, name of the teacher, or room number?
ABMFans: Teacher.
Nicole: It’s a Mrs. Final answer.
ABMFans: Well done again on the gender.

Tricia Richards: Ms. Winters.
ABMFans: That’s the Journalism teacher…this is a different one.
Tricia: Hmm…There’s Ms Winters, Principal Dennis…No clue. Next.

Nicole: Incorrect.
Tricia: Incorrect.

15. In which episode does ABM’s intern, Meredith King, make a cameo appearance?

Nicole: Season 2, episode 1.
ABMFans: Really?
Nicole: Umm…no? I was kidding?
ABMFans: Yeah you were.
Nicole: Well, it was obviously in Season 2.
ABMFans: Yes. But not the wedding episode.
Nicole: Am I allowed to look back at the episode list, or no?
ABMFans: No, because that relates to another question.
Nicole: God damn it. Um episode 8 – the one where they go to the movies.

Tricia: The one where they all have the party in the basement?

Nicole: Incorrect.
Tricia: Incorrect.

16. What is the name of the taxi company Aunt Jodie uses in her role playing exercise with Gabe to help him in his job applications?

Nicole: At Your Service. I may as well have just said “We’ll Blow You” Cab Company. That is literally how much of a leap I just made.
ABMFans: Not quite, but let’s move on before it gets worse.

Tricia: Sunny taxicabs?
ABMFans: Close…
Tricia: Sunshine Taxicabs.

Nicole: Incorrect.
Tricia: Correct.

17. How old was Vivian when Sophie was “a part of her confusion?”

Nicole: Either 8 or 12. Grrrr. 12.

Tricia: 11.

Nicole: Correct.
Tricia: Incorrect.

18. What song does Rachael Hip-Flores sing in the ‘ABM: By Request’ video for the web-a-thon?

Nicole: Oh for the love of our Lord Jesus Christ and/or Allah.
ABMFans: I thought there’d be swearing involved with that question.
Nicole: It was a Spanish song.
ABMFans: Yup.
Nicole: And love was in the title or perhaps heart aka corazon.
ABMFans: Nope.
Nicole: Spanish Song. Final answer.

Tricia: It’s Spanish. That’s all I know. Something about a flamenco.

Nicole: Incorrect.
Tricia: Incorrect.

19. How many episodes do not have the theme song playing over the end credits?

Nicole: 18 of the 19. It’s either 17 or 18, because I remember re-watching and listening for it and it came in on the 2nd or 3rd episode, but I’m gonna go with 18 I guess.
ABMFans: 18 of the episodes don’t have the theme song playing over the final credits?
Nicole: No no DO.
ABMFans: Ahh okay.

Tricia: Oh, just the ones where they have a fight at the party, right? And the Season 2 finale. So, three.

Nicole: Incorrect.
Tricia: Incorrect.

20. Pick a number from one to twenty (that’s not the question).

Nicole: Nine.
ABMFans: Thought you’d pick that one, funnily enough. Right, now, I’m including the episode that wasn’t an episode in this.
Nicole: Yeah I realized that as soon as I typed it. It’s the interview aka the first day I did the master cleanse. I remember it well…
ABMFans: What was the name of that episode?
Nicole: It’s not Reflections. That just sounds like a rehab centre.
ABMFans: You are correct on both counts.
Nicole: Episode 9. I can see the damn words, too. I just can’t make them out. Didn’t pay attention to that. Can I choose another episode since that one’s not real?!?!
ABMFans: It is real, but fine.
Nicole: Okay. Um, 18.
ABMFans: What do you think the title is?
Nicole: I could be wrong, because this is either the title of episode 16 or 18. “Naming things.” It’s one of the effing Dr. Glass episodes.
ABMFans: Amazing.
Nicole: I know, I know. I even amaze myself sometimes.
ABMFans: I am not surprised.

Tricia: 17.
ABMFans: What was the name of that episode? So Season 2, episode 7.
Tricia: Ooh! I know this because it was my favourite! Date Night!
ABMFans: Yay!

Nicole: Correct.
Tricia: Correct.

Nicole: Geez Louise, Gemma, this sh*t was barely even episode based!
ABMFans: Whatever, yes it was.
Nicole: I should’ve been more specific when asking what to study for. I’ll blame myself.
ABMFans: I pity those that don’t study.
Nicole: But I DID. That’s the crazy part.
ABMFans: Susan SUCKS at this thing.
Nicole: That’s only semi-surprising. Tina and Rach are usually best at this sh*t.
ABMFans: That’s because Rach is a geek.
Nicole: So am I.
ABMFans: She’ll make study notes.
Nicole: But not a geek for ABM. Ha ha ironic, but true.
ABMFans: Geeks of any kind are awesome.
Nicole: Agreed.

Nicole manages to make an improvement on her original Mastermind score, however there were more questions this round so though her score may be higher she didn’t actually do better. Still, she managed to remember the answer to the driver’s licence question, which I believe to be one of the harder questions of the Challenge. However, with the promise of a prize should none of the ABMers know the answer, it is a waiting game to see whether they do. I think Nicole will take pride in this victory, not only over her opponent but also her onscreen rival – Jessy Hodges.

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  1. Tricia Richards says:

    SO CLOSE. Friggaty frack…

    • gemified says:

      Um…you may have gotten a little help. In fact, you and Nicole both may have received more than a little help. Still, all in the spirit of fun and you did have a play on that week so your score can be excused. Good effort, you may still get a prize :).

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