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I Want My ABM!

By Gemma Jacob

The one question that I have been asked more in my time as Editor-in-Chief of ABM Fans, and especially since the S3 finale aired, is when will the next episode/season be out? More than any personal anecdotes I may have about just how much cheese Rachael Hip-Flores can eat or what bribes Susan Miller may have offered to take a look at the ABM Ultimate Mastermind Challenge questions, people want to know when they can get their next dose of ABM. After the credits roll, they want more. For the record, I have not yet seen the limit of how much cheese Rachael can eat (nor do I think there is one) and as for Susan, well…no comment.

I wish the answer was a simple one. If it was just a case of the will of the fans propelling the show back into production there would be no wait at all. However, it is that age old problem of finance. With Seasons 1 and 2 being privately funded, and Season 3 being the fan’s season with generous amounts raised during the ABM web-a-thon, Season 4 still needs to be funded. Until I can pick the right numbers, or bet on a winner, then I am afraid, like many ABM fans, my pockets have not yet reached the necessary depths. However, all is not lost.

Whilst many of us are not in a position where we are able to fund S4, it does not make us helpless; far from it. For we are a vocal group whose cries for more ABM will not go unheard, if we know where to direct our message. For centuries people have proved that with just enough determination then great things are indeed possible, and I have no doubt that ABM’s fans are capable of great things.

Almost everyone I know knows of my love for ABM, it is written all over this website, and I make no secret of it outside of this space either. However, there are many people that do not know of ABM. They do not know how ABM has affected the lives of its viewers by giving them characters that they can identify with, or by discussing topics they have questions about, or by simply giving people a quality show to watch. These people need to be told.

So, in order to remedy that situation I am going to spend the time between seasons writing to various organisations and potential sponsors that I believe should know about ABM. I firmly believe that with enough resolve, if your passion is strong, you can achieve anything. I believe it because it has been proven for centuries. I am passionate in my love for ABM, and I am damn stubborn too.

I invite you, the fans, because you know better than anyone else why ABM is so wonderful, to do the same. You can write to local groups and organisations, and tell them why you think they should know about ABM. These can be youth organisations or even social media and web organisations who may have somehow overlooked one of the most pioneering (not to mention award-winning) webseries out there. The more people that know about the show the better, because once they know about it then the demand will only increase. And of course, once potential sponsors see how devoted a fanbase the show has and that it is a recognisable brand known by international organisations, why then we have funding. Once we have funding we have our ABM back!

I understand that a lot of you are hesitant because you don’t think you know what to say or you don’t believe your English is good enough. However, you can write to organisations in your own country in your native language, or to international organisations. You don’t even have to write, you can create a video message and upload it to Youtube and spread the message that way. There are no limits on the ways you can get in contact or how long your message has to be. And like I said, no one knows better than YOU why ABM is so important.

If there are any organisations or companies you think should know about ABM then let me know. I will list any organisations I find that you may wish to contact. I am more than happy to put pen to paper, also it doesn’t hurt for them to hear about ABM from more than one source. Also, if you do take up the mantle and decide to be part of the campaign to get ABM back on our screens then please let me know. I will be happy to showcase your letter or video on the site and, if you’re willing, talk to you about why you think it is necessary to have ABM back on our screens.

I have heard your pleas for more ABM, now is the time for you to prove how much you want it. You love your ABM, now it’s time to tell the world why!

Please check back at the site for details of whom we’ve written to and also for suggestions who you can write too.

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  1. Avi says:

    I would love to see more ABM season 4-7 so come on people I WANT MY ABM

  2. anyonebutme says:

    I WANT MY ABM back,pleaseee!!! Season 4??? i know ABM have so many followers here in’s a great web series that people can hold on to..a simple story and yet,touches so many people’s lives especially Nicole and Rachael(Aster and Vivian).It change people from all walks of life..I really love this two they have great chemistry and both are great actors and of course all the people behind ABM director,staff and crew they were great.SALUTE to all of them!!!
    Pleassseeee have them BACK!!! I LOVE ANYONE BUT ME!!!

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