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One Year On

By Gemma Jacob

Almost exactly a year ago ABM launched the first ever web-a-thon to raise funds for Season 3 of our beloved show, and I took on the role as Editor-in-Chief of ABM Fans. I do not think either of us knew how successful our respective ventures would be, yet we both believed enough in the show and the fans to hope that we would be successful. We were right.

We have now seen the end of S3. Albeit a shortened season, it will forever be the fan’s season because there were enough of us who wanted their ABM enough to reach into their pockets and give generously. ABM Fans too has been a success, I hope. I created the site to provide a place for the fans to find information and to have a forum to discuss the show. Whilst active participation in the site has sometimes been disappointing I have taken pleasure in getting to know the people who are part of ABM and I hope those that have visited have enjoyed the content.

I know that I have been very fortunate to have the access I have been granted. I have shared conversation and laughter with many ABMers, whether over a computer screen or a plate of food. I am sure though that even without this site they would still have been as welcoming as I have found them to be. I have never known them to be anything but incredibly appreciative of all of their fans, at the end of the day that is what I am, and what I continue to be.

I have come to know and love the cast and crew not only for everything that they have given us when they gave us ABM, but also for who they are. I came to this an amateur, a few articles written online, and with the support and encouragement of Susan and Tina the confidence in my writing has grown. I never shied away from the geeky side of my personality, but I have come to truly embrace it in the presence of people like Rachael, and Nicole, and Meredith, and Alexis. If anyone doubted that geeks were cool, I truly beg to differ. And if anyone thought manners were a thing of the past they need only meet Josh and Mitch, true gents. I can and have gone on about my love for this group of individuals.

It is not just the cast and crew of ABM that I have been fortunate enough to get to know; the ABM Fans too have been a wonderful addition to my life. Having spoken to so many of you I have gotten to know a very varied bunch of people who have often come to know ABM through different channels, and continue to watch for many reasons. I have seen friendships forged based solely on universal admiration for the show via social media across continents and language barriers. I thank each and every one of you who has contributed something to this site, not just those who have taken part in the Fan Focuses or who post in the Forum, but to all of you who take the time out of your day to visit the site.

At times I have struggled to meet self-imposed deadlines; however, I honestly would not go back on my decision. As with ABM itself, being a part of ABM Fans has changed how I look at my life. I am often taken aback at the link people have made between the show and myself. In certain circles when I’m introduced my name is followed by, “…from ABM Fans.” It makes me smile when I see the recognition, not of the site necessarily but certainly of the show, and I am proud to be associated with it. Though it was never my intention, it has become a part of who I am.

Sometimes it feels like it has been longer than a year, at other times I don’t know where any of the time has gone. Have we really had three seasons of ABM? Has it really been over 2yrs since I decided to tweet that actress from that show I watch? Could it really have been a year since the seed was planted in my head to create a fansite? Yes, to all of those.

So Happy Birthday to ABM Fans! Thanks to sticking with us. Here’s to, at least, a few more.

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