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Greatest Moments of ABM

Whilst we wait for more news on the ABM series finale I am sure that many an ABM fan around the world is re-watching the previous seasons in eager anticipation. If you are not, then take this as the perfect excuse to do just that.

The three seasons of ABM have given us so many moments where we yelled at our screens or whooped in happiness. Yes, I freely admit to doing both of these actions on several occasions. Over the next few months,  right up to the lead of the series finale, we will be taking a closer look at some of your memorable moments and how you reacted to all of them.

Whether it was the bookstore in the Season One finale, Jonathan and Sterns’ “bro-mance”, Elisabeth slamming into Archibald’s locker, Sophie and Vivian’s kiss, Aster’s sessions with Dr. Glass, Vivian coming out to Aunt Jodie, or any of the moments in between, let us know here or in the Forum. Even though the episodes are often less than ten minutes, ABM has given us so much over the years.

We will compile a list of all your memorable moments and see if we can come up with the most memorable moment, although I am sure that since ABM means so many things to so many different people it will be hard to decide on just one. So get watching and tell us which ABM moments remained with you, and why.

Can’t wait to hear about your ABM moments!

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  1. Lily says:

    When vivian runs across the street to kiss aster

  2. Tatjana says:

    Hm, I guess I just love any Vivian and Aster kissing scene… :)
    But one of the best moments is when Aster picks Vivian up from the train station with that big sign in her hands!

  3. sarah says:

    the very last scene in season 3 with vivian and aster when vivian tells aster she has to go now because aunt jodi will be home soon and probably packing pancakes

  4. Kim says:

    the scene when vivian was day dreaming in the bathroom

  5. Loriell says:

    My favorite part is in season 3. When vivian and Aster are both trying to be proud and act like they are doing ok without the other. It makes me wanna shake both of them and say ” u love her make up already” we are all stubborn like that

  6. Maf says:

    for me is in Season 1 episode 10, when vivan and aster talked in the library reminiscing the past. when aster said something like it was the end of their relationship, vivan stopped aster and kissed her and tell her that no break up will happen. i was so amazed how the two manage be so in love with each other despite of all the trials they’ve been to.

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  9. Yanir says:


  10. Em says:

    Every episode is so amazing, but the one moment that I can really relate to, and that stood out the most would have to be in season 2 when Aster Starts going to the therapist and finally starts opening up about her feelings, and things that are happening in her life. When she finally expresses just how much she cares about Vivian and how scared she is to lose her.

  11. Holly says:

    Every episode was amazing! My favorite was episode 5 of season 3 when Aster and Vivian got back together. They finally realized that all they want and need is each other :). I’m truly hoping for them to be still together in the finale and maybe a poss wedding!

  12. Rebecca says:

    I would have to say every scene with aster and Vivian kissing. but I like season one when they wake up and Vivian says i just had sex in my aunts house… cutest scene. I also like the last episode of season 3 when they get back together!!!! best web series ever :)

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