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Greatest Moments of ABM – Vivster

By Gemma Jacob

How could we possibly have a list of the greatest moments of Anyone But Me and not include those moments between the central couple, Vivian and Aster, or as we have affectionately dubbed them – Vivster? Their often turbulent romance has taken ABM fans around the world on a rollercoaster ride of emotions; never quite sure what the next hairpin turn would leave us.

Vivian’s tendency to bottle up her emotions, Aster’s propensity to do anything but bottle up her emotions, often drove them apart. However, something always brought them back together. In Aster, Vivian knew she had someone who was completely devoted to her. For Aster, Vivian was that one person who would never let her down. And both of them were completely and utterly in love, even if at times they needed reminding.

There are so many great Vivian and Aster moments when they are apart, but when they are together – even when they are fighting, the story and the performances reach another level. There can be no denying that any list of greatest moments, not just ABM but in any scripted drama, would be remiss to not recognise Vivster. There are many more moments that could have been put on this list, many more kissing moments, the scene in Dr. Glass’ waiting room, Aster persuading Vivian to stay just a little bit longer, but then we would be here all day. Here are just a few of the greatest Vivster moments.

1. My Girlfriend Sign (S1.3)

Who doesn’t want to be rescued at least once by the love of their life? Okay, perhaps Aster didn’t clutch Vivian from the jaws of death, but anyone who has been stuck waiting for an unknown time to get to the place they most want to be knows the pain Vivian is feeling the moment her train is cancelled. Without reservation Aster jumps into the car and goes to fetch her beloved. The gesture is old school chivalry and its delivery, beginning with the text and then the ‘My Girlfriend’ sign, is perfection.

2. Preaching to the choir (S1.4)

I know that many would list the scene that proceeded this moment as one of VivSter’s greatest moments, and it is. It is the one of the many moments when Aster and Vivian shut themselves away and only they exist. However, I would find few who would disagree that it is this scene in which many people fell head over heels for Aster. If you had not been swept up by her chivalrous actions, seeing Aster all dressed up certainly made your heart stop. Indeed Vivian, we were part of the choir Aster was preaching too as well.

3. The Note (S1.6)

Many of Vivster’s problems occur when they forget why it is they are together, they’re in love. As simple as that may seem to those of us looking at them from the outside, sometimes it is the hardest thing to realise when there are so many other things in your headspace. Three simple words, “I’m with you.” At the time they were the clarity Aster needed when she and Vivian were taking those first tentative steps. When Aster reads the words again they remind her that no matter how far Vivian may be, she is always with her. And thanks to a short train ride Aster can show up in Vivian’s doorway with a flower, and that is enough to bring back Vivian’s smile. Sometimes it is the little things.

4. The Train Station Fight (S1.7 and S1.8)

Aster: Obviously you’re not here to convince me to stay. (Long pause) Nice. Wow! That’s just great.
Vivian: You can’t expect things to be how they were for us in the city. It’s a different world here.
Aster: No. It’s not that different. You’ve the same choices you’re just choosing differently.
Vivian: No I’m not. I just need time to figure this out. Why can’t you see that?
Aster: Because it sucks seeing it from the outside Vivian. And that’s what I am now, an outsider.
Vivian: No, you’re not. You’ll never be.
Aster: Just admit things have changed. You’ve changed.
Vivian: Look at me. I love you, that’s still the same.
Aster: Then why are you letting me leave?

This is when we start to see serious cracks in Vivster’s relationship. We have known that things are less than perfect between the two of them, Vivian’s tendency to take on everyone’s problems without seeking help for her own and Aster’s tendency to over-react, have not helped either of them thus far. However, it is after Jonathan’s party that we see them have problems that are greater than those posed by the distance or what could be chalked up to teenage emotions.

Aster does not expect Vivian to shout their relationship from the rooftops, but she does not expect her girlfriend to shy away when she tries to hold her hand either. She is proud of who she is, who they are, and does not feel Vivian should hide that. Vivian is still trying to adjust to her new life in Westchester, she does not know how people will react to their relationship, and without Aster there to support her you can understand her concern.  As Aster walks away you are begging Vivian to stop her, but part of you is also sat on that bench with Vivian thinking that maybe it is better to let her go. One of too many heartbreaking moments on the Vivster rollercoaster.

5. Book Culture (S1.10)

Vivian: You just so completely own me.

Perfection. That is what the scenes filmed in Book Culture are, perfection. Perfect lighting. Performing framing. Perfect acting. Perfect dialogue. Perfect pacing. Complete and utter perfection. It is no secret why during many of the award show montages for which ABM has received recognition that these scenes from the S1 finale feature heavily. From that first upward glance when Vivian and Aster both see each other, the grand Hollywood kiss, the intimacy of their conversation as they recollect their first meeting, to the pleas for them not to be over. Every single moment scripted, performed, and recorded perfectly.

6. The Wedding (S2.1)

Aster: I promise to be yours, and to be myself.
Vivian: I promise to grow up with you.
Aster: I promise not to skip school so I can graduate and get a job and take care of you. Or anyway, graduate.

I cannot recall exactly how long I was waiting for the S2 premiere of ABM, but I remember it feeling like a lifetime. At the end of S1 Vivian and Aster were happy, they’d realised a 30min train ride was not a million miles away, and Vivian had taken an important step in not denying her relationship with Aster. What would S2 hold for us eager fans? The answer, a wedding! Okay, it was an imagined wedding but in the absence of a prom episode (which I am devastated we will never get to see), the wedding was just as good. The vows were beautiful and fitted Vivian and Aster perfectly; I still like to think that no matter how old you are you can still promise someone to grow up with them. Whilst the wedding scenario was a moment of fantasy, it speaks to a very real issue facing many LGBT people in the US and around the world, that of marriage equality. That is one of ABM’s greatest strengths, it can address important current social issues without getting on a soapbox. This moment should also be noted as being the one time Vivian cries because she’s happy!

7. Something they don’t have (S2.5)

Aster: It’s high school, people break up and get back together all the time.
Vivian: Not us.
Aster: Because we have something they don’t have.
Vivian: Really, what’s that?
Aster: Love.

There are few moments in ABM when Aster allows herself to be honest about her feelings. Of course, there are times when she is unabashedly romantic, a few of them are on this list, but it is in this simple exchange in the middle of S2 when she and Vivian are talking that we can’t help but smile at Aster’s answer. If ever an ABM fan wonders what it is that makes this couple different or what will bring them back together no matter what either of them do it is the very simple truth that they love each other. Yes that is often the tumultuous love that engulfs many in their teenage years, but theirs is a deeper love. It is the love of Arthurian legend and Shakespearean sonnets, there is nothing but a happily ever after for these two – regardless of how many heartbreaks and season finales they have to get through!

8. The Season 2 Finale (S2.10)

The beauty of the final scene of S2 is that despite there being no words exchanged, it is still one of the most powerful ABM scenes. Again, when Vivian cries, only the hardest heart strings would not feel even the smallest of tugs. The complete and utter betrayal on her face when she walks in on Aster with Jamie, and Aster’s icy stance as she watches her girlfriend fall apart in front of her eyes without a hint of remorse is simply heartbreaking. Those few feet between them is the greatest distance they have ever had to overcome. How could they ever come back from this moment?

9. Pancakes (S1.7 and S3.5)

Vivian: You have to go. Because Aunt Jodie is going to be here any minute and she’s probably packing pancakes.

Who would have thought that this breakfast food staple would make it as one of the greatest moments of ABM, but it has. Perhaps the only thing Aunt Jodie can actually make for breakfast, it always signalled that everything was okay in the world of Vivster.

10. The Series Finale

Just wait…

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