1.3 – Countdown

Yes Vivian that’s exactly how I feel every time I’m waiting for the next episode of ABM!

Oh Aunt Jodie. No self-respecting NY uses a map.

‘You’re so fearless in your own quiet way.’ Lol Aunt Jodie makes Viv sound like a superhero! :)

Yup nothing phony about Aster.

Oh so the mystery girl’s her neighbour. And childhood friend.

Ahh, so Vivian’s a playwright. Of course she is! She’s awesome.


Oooh quick thinking Vivian. Nice save Mystery Girl.

Who? What? When? Doesn’t sell tabloids Elisabeth and that’s where the money is I’m afraid.

Awesome bike Archibald! Truly the only way to see the world is on the back of a bike.

Wow Archibald’s good at the guessing game. Lol, ‘You don’t think we have gay people around here?’

Don’t I know it Archibald. Yet somehow many of them have punctuality issues!

Uh oh delays due to bomb scares. I remember this was a regular occurrence in LDNtown once upon a time.

Aww Knight in Shining black limo! Aster’s the best!

Damn good thing you’re not driving!