1.4 – Vivian & Aster

That is one big ass bed lol.

Seriously. These two are the definition of what’s right with young love.

Americans what is it with the therapy? Really, is that the answer to everything?

Oh Upper Westside. I miss you.

I hear ya Aster! Parenthood is about more than just giving birth.

She’s only a train ride away though Aster.

I think these two should lock themselves up away from the world too.

Aster that was just too cute, ‘Now I’m yours.’

Oh wow. Wow. Simply wow.

Nah I liked the first outfit better Aster. Seriously though this is getting too much.

BEST. LINE. EVER. “This is your life now.” LMAO!

Okay the red dress was my favourite but that green top is just…again. Wow.

Viv’s my kind of girl. I’d claim the couch too.

They should never have left the house lol.

I’m not sure anyone could keep Aster out of trouble.

Lol, ‘All the way out to Brooklyn.’ No wonder these kids think Westchester is so far.

Um yeah Aster your girlfriend’s there to see you. She doesn’t want to spend the night with your friend.

Uh oh. This doesn’t look good. Always take the opportunity to wake up next to the one you love Vivian.