1.5 – The Note Pt. 1

Answer her calls Aster! It’s good to talk.

Thank you Breck for being the voice of reason!

Oh Aunt Jodie how you try to be cool…and fail so completely lol!

Viv was a Willow fan! FTW!

Teenage boys hear what they want I guess.

Hmm, eyes and ears. Archibald – undercover agent!

‘The Seagull’ sounds a lot like ABM.

Because you’re so fricking stubborn Aster!

Nice shirt Viv lol =P

I think Viv’s very lucky to have found someone like Archibald so early on.

Gabe’s definitely a cool parent, Aunt Jodie…not so much. Trust Vivian!

Oh really Aunt Jodie? I think we know the rest of that sentence.

Aww Aunt Jodie attempting the “stern parent” look. I think Gabe’s better including the guilt in his tone. He needs to give lessons.

Yay Aster show up again in another shiny car!

First kiss. Definitely.

WTH? What does the note say?!?!? Not fair!