2.1 – The Real Thing

Yay it’s starting! Vivian! Aster! Archibald! ABMers! I have missed you!!!

Lol okay this girl has no imagination if she needs to be asking Vivian that.

Ahh. Okay, Viv’s just delusional. Lol that makes sense.

‘You know I want it.’ Best line of the season so far.

Wow the girls are really going for it. I suppose that’s what girls do lol.

Oh man. Why does this have to be a delusion too?!?! Although, if you’re gonna imagine things…

Hmm…awkward, much? Vivian can’t say ‘Hello’ anymore or something?

Was Archibald playing a mean casting agent or was that imaginary too?

Too true Sophie. You never know what’s going on. What’s going on with you? Still think she’s after Vivian.

Aww it’s like Dory from Finding Nemo, ‘Just keep kissing!’

Now if you’re going to imagine someone who’s not really there, I think Aster would be the one 😉

Oooh Sophie take that as a subconscious warning: Aster does NOT share. She means Vivian! Hands off lady!

Okay now I know Jonathan’s imagining this. Oh teenage boys and their depression lol.

Aww Archibald. “It was amazing.” I guess the theatre scene was in Elisabeth’s head. Go after him!

Oh Vivian I love you. Even if it is just the imaginary you!

Vivian you’re my hero too!

OMG! Wedding dresses! Dream sequences! I knew it!!! Batman was right! @susanmillernyc you are sneaky sneaky sneaky!

I think it’s every ABM fan’s fantasy.

I hope by the time they’re old enough they can. Seriously USA, you’ve got to sort it out. Love is love!

Waterworks have started. This would be @HipFlor’s inability to hold her emotions in at a wedding, even hers lol.

Aww, ‘I promise to grow up with you.’ Okay, that’s probably the cutest vow I’ve ever heard. Good thing I don’t do tears.

You better not break it up Sophie! Even if it’s just imaginary you stay seated!

Vivian and Aster seem so much happier this season. Yay! Let’s hope it lasts :)

Alright, when’s the next one lol?