2.2 – Quickly, to the Exits

Ahh, so this is the scene @HipFlor tweeted about. Yup pretty much. Make out. Talk. Make out. Bed. Talk. Make out.

Hmm Vivian if you pay the cabbie more I’m sure you can have more than 5mins.

‘Just sayin’ 😉

Ooooh are these the absentee parents we get to see in S2???

Absolutely, don’t discourage weekday visits. Aww Vivian and Aster are happy – please stay this way!

Yeah, after a while no one hears the alarm. At least there one’s better than our damn announcement.

“If you were my homeroom, where would you be?” Art imitating life…

Argh these two were on Gossip Girl :)

Aww, no Archibald this ep? I want a big scene with @joshuajholland and @AlexisSlade!

Did Vivian just say ‘crappers’? Lol it’s trans-Atlantic!!!

Ooooh you should’ve said something Vivian. Sophie’s pissed.

Finished :( Already?!?!? But it was just getting good! Seriously the only thing I dislike about this show – it’s over too darn quickly.