2.4 – Girl Talk

I swear Vivian’s had about 5 different phones.

“What’s life all about or just this moment here with me?” Moments. Life is made of moments.

Vivian and Aster stay together! They stay together right writers?!?!?

Lol “Whatever makes you happy” – sometimes that’s a good thing Aster.

LMAO the first time. I love Aster’s expression.

Oh she cursed. I think that’s the first time I’ve heard someone curse on this show.

UFOs on the wall? I’m guessing that’s the Flying Saucer cafe they love.

Hmm…coz I bet Sophie liked Vivian, in *that* way.

Yes Aster you have big emotions, this is why we love you.

Oooh Aster’s not big on the trust.

Why are you lying to your girlfriend Aster?

Oh it’s that kinda phonecall… :)