2.5 – One Step Forward, One Step Back

How did Principal Dennis get a hold of Archie’s comic? I don’t think my Art teachers ever once spoke to my Headmistress lol.

Hmm Principal Dennis is a bit of a wanker. Do your own dirty work.

I get it Archibald. There’s a diff between hiding things & keeping things private. Ones you’re “hiding” things from never see it that way.

Oh Archie don’t mess things up.

Aww, lol it’s okay we’re all idiots sometimes Archibald :)

Yay Aster’s in Westchester! Wow that’s kind of a long way to go just because you didn’t want to go home though.

Oh Aunt Jodie. Still so wonderfully clueless. “Best friends” 😉

Uh oh Aster’s not in a very good mood. Talk to your girl-f and please don’t pick an unnecessary fight.

“Take me to your room.” Methinks doing homework is not going to make things better. Me also thinks Vivian knows that lol.

Not this joker again. He was such a wanker to Archibald. Why’s he around so much this season?

Go on Soph give him a chance. He’s trying to do the decent thing. Also, if you’re with him you’re not with Viv. Caveat Aster…

Lol I bet Vivian’s going to grow up to make good take-out too.

Do I see Twitter on Vivian’s computer screen? Nah, wishful thinking.

I don’t think Vivian and Aster need to break up in order just to get back together again. Let’s just keep them together :)

Aww Aster you romantic you.

Judging from Vivian’s smile it’s “homework” time 😉