2.6 – One Step Forward, One Step Back

What is it with everyone losing their keys? Is it a condition you get when being part of ABM? Hmm…maybe just me, and at least one other – I’m looking at you @HipFlor!

Book geek. I just fell in love with you even more Aster.

Advice…what you ask for when you already know the answer but wish you didn’t.

Hmm you shouldn’t have that face after you say, ‘I just love her so much.’

‘I don’t like knowing how it’s all gonna work out.’ You and me both Aster.

Ooooh Sophie’s secret’s out!!!

Girls this isn’t a chat that should be had in the library.

Awww Archie and Vivian!!! Yay I love these two together. Comic book team – so awesome. These two could save the world.

Gabe and Jodie have blind dates…I see where this is going!

I bet she can be there faster than Superman!

Oh man these two should get married already.

You and us both Aster!

Yeah shutup Aster and kiss your girl!