2.8 – Naming Things

Aww Vivian you write comics. I am now completely and utterly in love with you.

Uh oh Sophie. I don’t like the way you’re looking at our girl.

‘It’s a truth finding mission. For the good of humanity.’ Marry me Vivian McMillan. Marry me today.

Sitting alone writing in a notebook. Oh Vivian you’re just so…everything.

Loving the @RachaelCantu song selection.

One of my teachers used to give us grief about sitting on tables like that. Your ass. People’s food. Don’t do it.

“I miss mail.” You and me both Aunt Jodie. I can’t remember the last time I got a real letter.

I’m loving Aunt Jodie in this scene. Lol the perks of not being your mother.

“Sh*t man.” Lol perfectly delivered @HipFlor.

Oh Aunt Jodie so innocent. That certainly took a while! “It’s special.”

Oh. There it is. She gets it!

Based on you Viv? Does that mean you’re coming out to the rest of the student body too?

“It’s a whole different movie this time.” Aww Aunt Jodie well done on not freaking out. I think all in all that went pretty well.

Woo hoo Aster! I have BIG love for @nicobx9 right now.

Okay why’s everyone on Twitter freaking out about this ep? So far it’s all good.

Yup Aster you turned Viv gay. I hope you got your toaster oven: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKfEdjlRxSk

Oh Vivian we’re all so proud of you!

Oh. My. F-ing. Gosh. You didn’t just. Tell me you didn’t just. Vivian BIG ASS FAIL!!!

Oh there’s the sh*t.

Aster makes a very good point. It’s a big thing Viv. Trust me it’s about to become a very big thing.

Oh Vivian you make a good counter-argument. If it was to anyone other than Aster it probably would’ve worked too.

No Vivian say something. I don’t know what coz you seem to have a BIG case of foot-in-mouth but please make it better.

““Anything. You could’ve said anything!” Remember those words Vivian? S1 ep 6. Take your own advice!

Uh oh. She’s sending you away. Please please please Aster see your girl tomorrow.

Please don’t let that be the last VivSter kiss of S2.

Why do I have a feeling things are about to get a whole lot worse for VivSter?

Vivian I love you but you’re a bloody idiot!!!

I’m scared.