3.4 – Mapping Home

Alright, I like Sophie. The fact that she worried about the person who broke her heart, I get that. Still, I don’t like her for Vivian.

Six years is a lot of years Sophie, especially when they’re teacher-student years!

Hang on; I thought Sophie and Jonathan were a long-term thing? When exactly was she seeing Ben?

“I want to know if you missed me.” Ooh, good answer Sophie.

Yes Ben, better clarify that statement. “Right woman.”

Really Vivian? Really??? You’re changing your clothes because Sophie’s coming over? WTH’s that about?!?!

Thank you Vivian! At least you realise your behaviour’s silly too!

Oh Aster. You do look beautiful when you’re looking wistful.

Yes Aster’s headed home!!! :)

Oh, Carey is of the opinion this is going to be a long distance thing. Hmm. Well it’s nice that Aster wasn’t just a summer fling.

I hope you have a Blackberry Carey if you’re going to be sexting with Aster, it’ll save on your phone bill and won’t use up your text allowance!

You know if Aster was anyone but Vivian’s girl I might like her being with Carey, but you know – she is! So stop kissing other people Aster.

What Vivian? Are you talking about Sophie not being the one or Aster not being the one? You’re confusifying me! Aster is your one!

Well at least Sophie and Vivian both acknowledge seeing Ben again is a truly horrible idea. Let it go Soph. It can only end in heartache.

96th and Central Park West? Woo hoo Aster’s back in the city!

Yes! Yes! Yes! You don’t know how happy I am to see you Dr Glass! Now, lay some sense on your patient.

Ooh Dr Glass looks mad at you Aster. Maybe you should have called. But yay, Liza Weil!

There you go again Aster with the big questions. You know Dr Glass isn’t going to give you the answers that easily.

Whoa. Way to summarise the situation Aster. That was sort of a bit too matter-of-fact considering the big emotions that came with those events.

“You’re back, and so is whatever you ran away from.” This is why I love you Dr Glass! :)

Oh Aster now I know you’re growing up, feeling older scares everyone except those who aren’t grown up.

I’m happy she came to see you too Dr Glass.

I miss Vivster but you’re right Aster, for now I don’t know whether your being together is the right thing too. Dr Glass fix them pls!

I don’t know what’s going to happen next. What’s worse, I’m not sure what I want to happen is the best thing to happen :(.