3.5 – 2,500 Miles to You

Please let that be a picture of Vivian that Aster’s holding and not Carey.

Yes! One point for Team VivSter. Two points for the Westchester timetable.

That photo of Viv and Aster seems like such a long time ago now.

Hmm I know that look, bet I know who’s on the other end of the phone too.

Carey’s a smart girl. I think she knows that “major” thing is the reason Aster showed up in Cali.

Aww, okay I kinda like Carey. Aster needs someone grown up in her life. Let’s hope there’s more @MarissaSkell next season.

Yay! Breck’s back!!! Good to see @johnny1note on ABM again. Make Aster see sense Breck!

Oh Aster you were an asshole, but really, you think Vivian moved on that quickly? Come on you know better.

“It’s just Vivian.” I’m guessing that’s the problem Breck, it’s…Vivian.

Lol yeah @tcwnyc and I are on the same wavelength with that line.

We’re back to the start!

See I knew a boy was the reason Sophie was crying. Oh Sophie, you knew it was going to end badly.

Okay we’ve seen this bit, come on Vivian go after your girl!

This silence is killing me.

No Aster  she’s not. She’s with you! Remember, she wrote it down and everything! You need to re-read that note.

The “It-didn’t-mean-anything” defence is never a good one Aster.

Those are always the hardest sorts of habits to break Vivian.

Well at least Aster’s being honest about Carey, otherwise that could be another thing that could blow up.

No. No. No. Stop fighting :(.

Aster’s lips are looking very Angelina-ish this episode. I’m guessing that’s the lip gloss?

That’s the problem, you didn’t just lose the person you love Aster, you lost your best friend too.

I’m saying I want you two back together!!!

You know so far this whole bedroom scene could actually be filmed without @NicolePacent and @HipFlor in the room at the same time.

Uh-oh, Vivian’s face when she asked how Aster’s looking to leave things reminds me of the “We’re not breaking up” S1 finale scene.

Vivian’s right, some people you just can’t be friends with. You just can’t.

Oh come on you two! You still love each other. I want to bang your heads together!!!


They’re on different sides, normally Vivian takes the right side.

Aww pancakes. Too cute. Aunt Jodie would send those pancakes crashing to the floor lol.

All is right with the world again!

I kept the faith! Thank you @tcwnyc @susanmillernyc for not breaking my Vivster loving heart.

Now…when’s Season Four??? I want my ABM!!!

Thank you to all at @AnyoneButMe for this, & every, season. Your work has us @ABMFans coming back for more! You are perfection on my screen.