3.6 – We Went Down to Battery Park

Okay. Here it is. The final episode of @AnyoneButMe. Part of me thinks if I don’t press play then it won’t be over. Okay. Here we go.

Vivian wrapped in a blanket in Aster’s apartment. Okay, this is a good start. Please don’t less this be a flashback.

Yay they’re still together! They’re HAPPY and together! Although, you know Viv you’d be warmer if you put clothes on.

You know, I bet Aster probably could feel Vivian thinking too hard.

Yeah I get nervous when you two are happy too. What have @susanmillernyc and @tcwnyc got up their sleeves???

Stay happy. Stay happy. PLEASE stay happy!

Uh oh here we go. The mother. Gabe, I know how handwriting can get to you too. Oooh Aunt Jodie’s feisty!

I bet Viv’s mum wouldn’t do a “Hello P-Flag!” video!!! #AuntJodieRocks

Oh Vivian. I don’t know how long we’ll be looking at joy and happiness for once you get your mail.

I can’t wait to read the novel Vivian writes.

“My mum? The missing one?” Can we just give @HipFlor an award right now for this episode? Just because.

I see tears building up. Not yet Vivian! It’s only 5mins in, we can’t have you in tears yet! But yes, Aster’s the test.

44 Chad(?) Road, White Plains, NY 10607 – Cue the pilgrimage of ABM fans around the world to Vivian’s home!

Her mum does have nice penmanship though.

I prefer Vivian and Sophie much better as friends.

Oh Elisabeth, that letter was just like the locker you slammed into in S1. It was best avoided!

Lol, of course Vivian’s scenario involves being an undercover spy. Her mind is awesome in many ways.

Maybe your mum’s a technophobe Viv and she didn’t think a friend request was the way to do this. #ILikeLetters

I see @ABMFans’ #Editor-in-Chief getting a cup of coffee! Lol yeah, that was me 😉

Aww Elisabeth looks so cute when she’s choosing a muffin. Who needs Archibald?!?! :)

And there’s Sophie’s former beloved. Thankfully Jonathan’s looking a little less forlorn these days.

“Sometimes it takes a lot of years to get over the superstar that is you.” Oh Viv, you charmer you. You’ll find your match Sophie.

Hmm, I’m not so sure I’m a fan of the mum if she likes Vivian and Sophie spending so much time together.

#ABMMastermind question in the waiting – what was the poster on the back of Vivian’s bedroom door in the series finale?

See that shirt Vivian’s wearing, it’s a Ministry of Magic shirt. Yup, Vivian’s as much of a geek as @HipFlor!

Score one for the mum letter!!! :)

Well it makes a change, normally when Vivian flops back on her bed in aspiration it’s because of Aster.

I’m proposing it now, we do a 10 year reunion show to see a grown up and Viv and Aster happily playing house!

“It’s part of us. Part of our story.” Not my favourite chapter either Viv. But you are definitely both my favourite story.

Whoa, Aster wasn’t expecting that smacker!

Um yeah Vivian…you were the one who was doing the inappropriate kissing first. Let’s not forget that now.

Hold the phone. When did Aster become the rational one? Lol, aww they’ve grown up so much.

I like that. Your family is the people you sit down with to talk about your day.

I’m quite upset that we never got to meet Aster’s mum. I imagine she could be quite formidable.

Oops. That may be Gabe’s first parental faux pas. He brought up the elephant in the room.

Vivian’s got spirit. Yes she do. Not sure your sarcasm laced cheer would get you on the Cheerios though.

LMAO, seriously, when did Aster become the calm rational one?!?!

Ask Aunt Jodie to teach you how to make pancakes Aster!

Aww Gabe. Dad of the Year winner right there!

Battery Park!!!

Lol, where else could she move to Aster? Ooh ooh ooh I know!!! LONDON 😀 – please can we have a Vivian in London spin-off?

Right place for bad news? Yes. Also, definitely the right place to end the series.

Throw the letter in the river Viv!

Oh man. Here’s the Oscar winning performance from @HipFlor. Damn, that girl’s too good.

Whilst we’re handing out awards how about one for @NicolePacent too? And this script? @susanmillernyc @tcwnyc – so good!

Aster, with Vivian as your girlfriend, I think you should buy the boxes of tissues in bulk. Still kills me to see @HipFlor cry.

Listen to your girl Viv. You two can get through this!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Credits!!!!!!!!!!!

Too soon! Gone too soon!!! I want more ABM :(

Perfection ABM. Perfection.


#ThankYouABM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvyYYgBygC4